The magic of merging art and technology - Cutting-edge Gallery set to scale new heights

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CityU is home to one of the greatest galleries in the city. For members of the public who have visited it, the University's Indra and Harry Banga Gallery is truly a hidden treasure in the city's art space.

Indra and Harry Banga Gallery

What makes the Gallery stand out is perhaps its ability to merge art, science and technology with cutting-edge applications, such as virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D virtual imaging and modelling, and motion-capture technology, to name a few; integrated into the Gallery's exhibitions, these provide visitors with a variety of experiences that many would never have imagined. This was best demonstrated by the award-winning ANiMAL: Art Science Nature Society exhibition in 2018 and the Leonardo da Vinci: Art & Science, Then & Now exhibition in 2019, of which some original drawings by Leonardo were brought to Hong Kong for the first time. 

"The Gallery made use of technology to make possible the visitor's contemporary response to Leonardo da Vinci," said Dr Isabelle Frank, Director of the Gallery. "The fact that we use technology to provide information and context for his drawings makes all the difference, with films and 3D models as interactive information

Dr Harry Banga, Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Caravel Group, as well as member of the CityU Court and Honorary Patron of the CityU Foundation, said he was particularly impressed by the University's contribution to harnessing technology and bringing culture and art to the people of Hong Kong, while also playing an active role in preserving cultural heritage and driving innovation.

Ms Catherine Kwai, Founder and Managing Director of Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery who is also the Chairperson of the Advisory Committee of the Gallery and member of the CityU Court, said, "The Indra and Harry Banga Gallery is unique in combining art and technology in innovative ways, which is excellent for nurturing a greater appreciation of art among students and the public." The Advisory Committee, established in January 2020, comprises some of the most ardent advocates of art and culture, whose expertise and resources will contribute to the development of the Gallery. Mrs Indra Banga is the Honorary Chairperson of the Committee.

The Gallery also provides exhibition opportunities for young local and overseas artists, along with students, alumni and faculty of the University. One example of this was the exhibition On the Road: Young Media Artists in China in 2018.

Looking ahead, Dr Frank has plans to make the exhibitions virtual to appeal to a much larger audience in Hong Kong and beyond.

Professor Matthew Lee, Vice-President (Development and External Relations), takes pride in the fact that the Gallery takes advantage of the strengths of the University to stage technologically innovative presentations that directly engage the community. He is thankful for the support and advice of donors and art professionals, in particular Dr and Mrs Banga. "Their support is recognition of the success of the Gallery and serves as a strong impetus to us," said Professor Lee. "Thanks to the valuable donations and wide community support, the Gallery is reaching new levels of development and success." 

Advisory Committee of Indra and Harry Banga Gallery

Chairperson Honorary Chairperson
Ms Catherine KWAI Mrs Indra BANGA


Members Ex-officio Members
Mrs Cecilia CHEUNG
Mrs Shahneela FARUQUI
Mr Maurice LEE, BBS, JP
Ms Denise LO
Ms Pauline WEI     
Professor Matthew LEE
Dr Isabelle FRANK
Professor Jeffrey SHAW




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