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Dr. CHEN Lei (陳磊博士)

LLD (Stellenbosch) LLM (Aberdeen) LLB Honours (London) LLB (ECUPL)

Associate Professor

Associate Dean

Director of Centre for Chinese and Comparative Law (RCCL)

Contact Information

Office: P5415 AC1
Phone: 34427355
Fax: 34420190
Email: leichen@cityu.edu.hk

Research Interests

  • Property Law, Contract Law, Dispute Resolution, Chinese and Comparative Law
Lei CHEN's research areas focus on property law, contract law, Chinese private law, and dispute resolution (Mediation and Arbitration). His writings on these subjects appear in international referred law journals, edited volumes of multidisciplinary scholarship, and legal monagraphs. He obtained two LLB degrees in Chinese law and Common law respectively, together with two postgraduate degrees in two mixed jurisdictions--Scotland and South Africa. As a principal investigator, he obtained three General Research Funds (GRFs) from the Hong Kong Research Grant Committee and a number of other external research grants. Lei is a Fellow of European Law Institute, Member of International Academy of Comparative Law, Council member of Chinese Civil Law Association and Chinese Society of Comparative Law. He sits on the editorial boards of peer-reviewed journals and book series published by OUP, Hart, Springer and Brill.Lei has been a visiting professor/scholar in Columbia, KU Leuven, Emory, Cornell, National University of Singapore, Hawaii, Catholic University of Lyon, and IDC Herzliya, Israel.

Award and Achievement

  • 2011 “Elected Associate Member” International Academy of Comparative Law.
  • 2013 “Fellow” European Law Institute.
  • 2018 “Wenlan Professor 文澜讲座教授” Zhongnan University of Econimics and Law.
  • 2019 “Oriental Scholar visiting Professor 东方学者讲座教授-- East China University of Political Science and Law” Shanghai Education Commission.

Research Grant

  • Cross-boder Data Transfer among Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau, EXTERNAL CONTRACT-OUT RESEARCH PROJECT, Microsoft Int. Policy Research Grant, Amount: HKD $360,000, 2018 - 2019, Lei Chen (PI).
  • Comprehensive Analysis of Diversity of Legal Systems in Asia-Pacific Region and Convergence towards Establishment of Rule of Law, EXTERNAL CONTRACT OUT RESEARCH PROJECT, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science& Tech日本文部科學省, Amount: JPY $3,500,000, 2017 - 2019, Co-PI (Lei Chen); Prof. Nobuyuki Sato (PI) .
  • The Availability of Specific Performance in Chinese Courts: An Empirical Assessment, GENERAL RESEARCH FUND (GRF), Research Grant Committee (RGC), Hong Kong Government, Estimated Amount: HKD $450,000, Jan 2016 - Jul 2018, Lei CHEN (PI) .
  • Understanding Property Transitions: The Emergence of Rural Land Markets in China, GENERAL RESEARCH FUND (GRF), Research Grant Committee (RGC), Hong Kong Government, Amount: HKD $495,000, Jan 2015 - Jun 2017, Lei CHEN (PI) .
  • Assessing Property Relations and Formalizing Condominium Ownership in China (COMPLETED), GENERAL RESEARCH FUND (GRF), Research Grant Committee (RGC), Hong Kong government, Amount: HKD $499,000, 1 Nov 2012 - 1 Nov 2015, Lei CHEN (PI) .
  • Contract Law in China and Europe: A Comparative Approach, EU-China Research Grant, 2011 - 2014, Co-I Jan Smits (PI).

Publication Show All Publications Show Prominent Publications


  • Chen, Lei. & Liu, Zhuang. (2020). Does the Jury Enhance Public Trust in the Judiciary. Global Policy. under review.
  • Chen, L. & Di Matteo, L. (2020). Is Specific Performance an Ordinary Remedy? A Comparative Analysis. Northwestern Journal of International Law and Business. 40. forthcoming .
  • Tang, yingmao. , Chen, lei. & Liu, Zhuang. (2020). Judicial Cadres and Authoritarian Transparency: Centralized Judiciary and its Limits.
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Book Chapter

  • Chen, Lei. (2019). The Norm of Property’s Social Function: A Chinese Perspective. Babie, Paul, Viven-Wilksch, Jessica (Eds.) Duguit and the Social Obligation Norm of Property A Translation and Global Exploration. Springer.
  • Trakman, Leon. , Liu, Q. & Chen, L. (2019). INVESTOR-STATE ARBITRATION IN CHINA: A COMPARATIVE PERSPECTIVE. Dispute Resolution in Asia and Beyond: Progress and Trends.
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External Services

Public Service

  • 5 Feb 2019 - 5 Mar 2019, Visiting Professor , Faculty of Law, KU Leuven .Belgium .
  • 22 Dec 2018 - 20 Jan 2019, Visiting Professor , IDC Herzliya.Israel.
  • 23 Nov 2018 - 30 May 2019, Visiting Professor , Richard Williamson Law School, University of Hawaii Monoa.United States.
  • 2016 - Now, Fellow, International Academy of Belt and Road.
  • 2012 - Now, Review examiner, PCLL Conversion exam board.Hong Kong.

Professional Activity

  • 2017 - 2019, Council Member, Chinese Comparative Law Society.
  • 2016 - 2019, Council Member, Chinese Civil Law Society.
  • 2014 - 2019, Fellow, Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators.

Community Service

  • 2013 - 2019, Fellow, Center for Chinese Law, University of Hong Kong.

Service in CityU

Research / Thesis Supervision

  • 2016 - Now, 3 research students, PhD supervisor .
  • 2014 - Now, 7 JSD students, JSD supervisors.

Editorial Board Membership

  • (1) Chinese Journal of Comparative Law (Oxford University Press)
    (2) European Journal of Comparative Law and Governance (Brill)
    (3) Comparative Legal History (Oxford Hart);
    (4) China-EU Law Journal (Springer)

Last update date : 16 Aug 2019