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Round off the remarkable accomplishments of CARLS 2020 - 18-Dec-2020

Endowed with perspicacity and leadership of President Way Kuo,  CityU took the initiative to set aside special funding and set up a focused task force to provide additional support to graduating students in job landing.  In June 2020, CARer Launch Scheme (CARLS) was launched as an innovative win-win initiative designed to maximise employment opportunities and job landing of Class of 2020 graduates. 

With the staunch supports from  our industry partners, employers, alumni and trade associations, CARLS solicited as many as 2,000 job opportunities from different industries. Our College-based Careers and Employability Consultants provided job-matching services and one-on-one career consultations for Class of 2020 graduates for their job search. Tireless efforts and contributions were made by our colleagues from Colleges and Schools as well as Career and Leadership Centre of Student Development Services, and well paid off with 700+ graduates having secured their employment and started their career journey through CARLS amid this difficult time.

To mark the successful completion of CARLS since its inception in late May 2020, I would like to share with you its key achievements as follows.

  • 140 of employers participated in CARLS
  • 1,910+ job vacancies were created for 2020 CityU graduates
  • 700+ 2020 CityU graduates secured offers under this Scheme
  • 5,460+ students searched CARLS jobs on JobPlus, with a total of 38,630+ page access
  • 2,170+ current CityU graduates attended one-on-one career and job search consultations
  • 16 press and media coverages on CARLS were recorded between 24 June and 29 November

CityU CAReer Launch Scheme (CARLS) receives unwavering support and encouraging feedback from employers and students - 28-Aug-2020

CityU CAReer Launch Scheme (CARLS) is continuously receiving unwavering support and encouraging feedback from both employers and students. A variety of positions such as Management Trainee, Graduate Trainee, Property Trainee, Project Officer, Programmer, Engineer and Translator have been offered to 2020 CityU graduates by our partnering companies.

An update of CARLS achievements as well as feedback from employers and participating graduating students are shown below.

Highlights of CARLS:

  • 15,759+ industry partners, employers, alumni, and trade associations were contacted.
  • 1,450+ job vacancies were created for 2020 CityU graduates.
  • 3,388+ students searched CARLS jobs on JobPlus, with a total of 26,712+ page access.
  • Companies which have successfully recruited CityU graduates through CARLS include Swire Resources Limited, Chun Wo Construction & Engineering Company Limited, Fleet Management Limited, FundingReach Limited, Hip Hing Construction Company Limited, Hutchison Telecomunications Hong Kong Holdings Limited, Lai Sun Development Company Limited, Joint Publishing (H.K.) Company Limited, The Hong Kong & China Gas Company Limited, The Jardine Engineering Corporation, etc.
  • Extensive press coverage on CityU CARLS can be viewed on the CARLS website.

Feedback from employers and graduates on CARLS:

  • “FinTech is nothing new to the community but to identify a right candidate to start his/her FinTech career with us is always a big challenge. We are happy to have 3 graduates from CityU onboarded through the CAReer Launch Scheme in July 2020. The Scheme is highly successful and helpful to both graduates and our company. We received encouraging feedbacks and applications from graduates with impressive quality. Big thanks to CityU, and we wish the Scheme a great success.” - FundingReach Holdings Limited
  • “The CAReer Launch Scheme provides me a One-on-One Consultation opportunity with an experienced career consultant. My career consultant is a really kind and friendly person, giving me so much helpful advices on my career path. She also teaches me how to tackle the details in employment contract to safeguard my interest. Her recommendation gives me a big hand to resolve my struggle.” - a 2020 graduating student

More sharing from employers and participating students in CityU CARLS can be found on the CARLS website.

CityU Career Launch Scheme (CARLS) - 19-Jun-2020

Over 2,700 industry partners, employers, alumni, and trade associations have been contacted in the first week. More employers will be outreached in the following weeks.

Moreover, CityU “Career Month” has been on-going since 25 May to support our students to develop essential job search skills and keep abreast of the latest development of various industries for job landing. With the overwhelming support from our employer partners and alumni, so far over 60 workshops, seminars and recruitment talks have been conducted online via Zoom, with an impressive student attendance record of over 1,400.

For details, please visit

CARLS section under JobPlus on AIMS for 2020 fresh graduates

Career Consultants

A team of 8 Career Consultants attached to Colleges and Schools providing career coaching and job matching support to our students under CARLS. 

Department/ School/ College Career Employability Consultant Contact Number Email
College of Business (CB) Ms. Tiffany Man 3442 2732
College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS) Ms. Hester Cheng
Ms. Irene Yiu
3442 4516
3442 4517
College of Engineering (CENG) Ms. Kady Wu
Mr. Frederick Wu
Ms. ST Chan
3442 4462
3442 4461
3442 4463
Career and Leadership Centre (CLC)
College of Science (CSCI)
School of Energy and Environment (SEE)
School of Law (SLW)
Ms. Jacqueline Lo 3442 4414
School of Creative Media (SCM) Mr. Keith Lau 3442 4413


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University Emergency Fund

The University is very concerned about the safety of students who are now staying in overseas countries on exchange programmes. It is acknowledged that some students may encounter immediate and urgent financial problems due to the abrupt change of plans. As such, the University through the University Emergency Fund, will render assistance to those students who have immediate and urgent need triggered by the Covid-19 outbreak overseas.

Students in need may contact GEO with their justification for applying for the emergency fund. For enquiries, student may contact the Global Engagement Office at

Counselling service for students during a pandemic