9 Sep 2021 CityU’s new fast-track ventilation system can thoroughly filter Covid-19
3 Jun 2021 CityU expert advocates Covid-19 vaccination for the community
15 Mar 2021 CityU-led collaborative research worth of HK$19m rewarded for Covid-19 projects
1 Mar 2021  Advanced bioaerosol project to eliminate Covid-19 and other pathogens secures HK$6.15m from Research Impact Fund
24 Feb 2021 CityU survey indicates background and trust in government affect citizens’ willingness to receive coronavirus vaccines
22 Feb 2021 Data science model emphasises the need for social distancing to combat Covid-19
12 Jan 2021 Health and medical research funding for three Covid-19 projects
9 Nov 2020 ITF funding secured for anti-Covid-19 research
8 Sep 2020        Graphene face masks that battle bacteria
3 Jun 2020 Data science and Covid-19: let the numbers talk
4 May 2020 Morale boosting poster campaign cheers up campus
4 May 2020 New ventilation system helps protect healthcare workers from Covid-19 infection
28 Apr 2020  ‘BOLD’ steps for creative online learning
23 Mar 2020 CityU community distributing masks and alcohol-based handrub
11 Mar 2020 Positive attitude grows with CityU-Learning online platform
4 Mar 2020 Positive response to online CityU-Learning taster courses for schools
6 Mar 2020 President pays online visit to students under mandatory quarantine
25 Feb 2020 CityU estimate: Patients quarantined after symptoms for 3.5 days
20 Feb 2020 Innovative CityU-Learning system tackles coronavirus challenge
14 Feb 2020 Toilet flushing can potentially spread bacteria via aerosol droplets
4 Feb 2020 CityU expert assesses worst scenario for coronavirus outbreak in Hong Kong