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9 June 2020 2019/20 Semester B Completed Smoothly

Pilot and campus-wide surveys conducted in February and March respectively have shown that online teaching has been effective. 

The University conducted the campus-wide course-end Teaching and Learning Questionnaire (TLQ) for 2019/20 Semester B from 30 March to 10 May. We have collected 39,451 questionnaires. For question 10, namely “Overall, I consider the learning experience provided by the teacher in this course as valuable”, the average total score is 5.76 (7 is strongly agree and 1 is strongly disagree). The TLQ results have been released to the relevant personnel today.

The survey results show that all teachers and students have worked hard together and adopted a proactive attitude. We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the cooperation and support of our academic and administrative staff and students.


8 June 2020 Arrangements for Teaching and Learning in Semester A 2020/21

The University hereby announces the following arrangements for teaching and learning in Semester A 2020/21, which starts on Aug 31 2020.

CityU-Learning 2.0.

1.            Teaching will be delivered primarily in a real-time interactive online format through Zoom via Canvas, the same platform we have been using since February 7, 2020. Academic staff will perform teaching duties at the scheduled times and venues on campus.

2.            With prior approval of Course Leaders, students who wish to attend lectures in person have the option of attending classes on campus (detailed arrangements will be announced in due course).

3.            Academic staff will record their lectures and upload recordings so that students who are unable to be in Hong Kong can continue their studies wherever they are.

Small Group Teaching and Learning. Small group teaching and learning activities, e.g. tutorials and lab sessions, may be conducted face-to-face. For other course-required hands-on components, respective Departments will inform students of the planned arrangements. When activities are conducted in face-to-face mode, Departments will make special arrangements for students who cannot be in Hong Kong.

Contingencies. The University will continue to closely monitor the health situation and may adjust teaching and learning arrangements if required. In the event that it becomes unsafe to conduct face-to-face teaching, the University will give adequate notice and return entirely to real-time interactive online teaching.

Reminder. The University strictly follows the Government infection control measures. Colleagues and students who come to the campus must adhere to Government and University safety and health guidelines. Non-adherence may result in disciplinary action.


15 May 2020  Teaching and Learning Arrangements for 2020 Summer Term

With the health and safety of our staff and students as our top priority, the University wishes to announce the following updates on the arrangements for teaching and learning for the 2020 Summer Term. 

  1. Continuation of CityU-Learning. Teaching will continue to be delivered in a real-time interactive format online through Zoom via Canvas for the 2020 Summer Term.
  2. Courses with Elements of Lab Sessions, Practicums, and Field-work. If laboratory sessions or other course-required components cannot be delivered in online mode, respective academic units will inform students of the planned alternate arrangements. 
  3. Special Arrangements. Courses that require face-to-face teaching arrangements will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 


24 Mar 2020 Special Arrangement Guidelines for Courses that Contain Elements of Lab Sessions, Practicums, and Field-Work

·         Online lab sessions: Most lab sessions, including those containing hardware and software elements, will be conducted via video or online interactive mode

o   For courses where students need access to on-campus equipment as part of professional accreditation requirements, course leaders will make arrangements for small group gatherings with prior approval, while observing the University’s guidelines on campus health and safety.

o   Some academic units will offer optional multi-week long ‘lab sessions’ or workshops for students who wish to enhance their hands-on experience during the summer. These lab sessions or workshops will not be counted as credit bearing courses. For certain exceptional cases, some make-up lab sessions will also be offered for students during summer in order to full-fill their accreditation requirements.

o   Some academic units will allow students to register for the relevant ‘lab sessions’ during the 2020/21 academic year as ‘sit-in’ students (i.e., attendance without course credit).

·         Courses requiring practicums: Academic units will observe the pandemic situation and work with the University and relevant agencies to determine the proper time for resuming practicum activities. Academic units are also establishing contingency plans for students in case the situation does not allow practicum activities in the summer.

·         Courses requiring field-work: Again, academic units will continue to observe the situation and work with the University and relevant organizations to determine the proper time for resuming field-work. In cases where small groups of students need to borrow equipment from the University to conduct their field-work, the relevant academic units will make proper arrangements, with approval from the University, to allow students’ periodic return to the campus for equipment access.


23 Mar 2020 Services hours of Run Run Shaw Library and Computing Services Centre

Starting from tomorrow (24 March) until further notice, the Library and the Teaching Studio Areas at CSC will open from 9:00am to 5:00pm.


13 Mar 2020 CityU-Learning Experience Survey Results (Main Round)

To assess the results of the collective efforts and to make continuous improvements, CityU is the first to conduct a university-wide online learning survey to collect feedback from students and staff, following the pilot surveys conducted in late February. The overall feedback from students and faculty is very positive and encouraging.

Students and academic staff were asked to rate the effectiveness of online teaching and learning using a Likert scale from 1 to 7 (7 is “strongly agree” while 1 is “strongly disagree”).

Student Feedback on CityU-Learning Experience

337 valid responses were received. The questions and results are as follows:

  1. 1.       The online learning environment has allowed me to effectively access course learning resources (e.g., reading materials, quizzes, presentation slides/ppt) (an average score of 6.08).
  2. 2.       I have been able to meaningfully interact with my teachers and other students using the online learning environment (an average score of 5.90).
  3. 3.       I have been able to achieve my intended learning outcomes using the online learning environment (an average score of 5.87).
  4. 4.       I have been able to use the online learning technologies overall without too much difficulty (an average score of 6.20).
  5. 5.       Overall, I am satisfied with the online learning experience (an average score of 5.90).

Teacher Feedback on CityU-Learning Experience

245 valid responses were received. The questions and results are as follows:

  1. 1.       I was able to deliver the course content online as intended (an average score of 6.27).
  2. 2.       I was able to carry out the teaching and learning activities as planned (an average score of 6.00).
  3. 3.       I am confident in the students’ achievement of the course intended learning outcomes through online teaching (an average score of 5.71).
  4. 4.       I am satisfied with the online teaching and learning experience (an average score of 5.64).


7 Mar 2020 Result of CityU-Learning Pilot Survey

CityU was the first government-funded local university to introduce online learning, i.e. CityU-Learning, on a campus-wide scale from 7 February in response to the development of the epidemic, with an attendance rate of over 80%. To understand the views of staff and students (including undergraduates and taught postgraduates) towards online learning at CityU, the Office of the Provost and the College of Business have both conducted pilot surveys.

Pilot survey results — teaching staff

The Office of the Provost collected 114 valid questionnaires from 24 to 26 February. The results show that the teaching staff are generally satisfied with online teaching.

Teaching staff agreed that “I am confident in the students’ achievement of the course intended learning outcomes through online teaching ”, with an average score of 1.49, and “I am satisfied with the online teaching and learning experience”, with an average score of 1.71 (1 is “strongly agree” while 7 is “strongly disagree”).

Pilot survey results — students

The College of Business also invited students to participate in a survey. As of 27 February, the total number of respondents is more than 1,300. Among them, students agreed that “The real-time online environment provides me with a flexibility of locations for class”, with an average score of 2.43 (1 is “strongly agree” while 7 is “strongly disagree”). They also agreed that “I am starting to get used to the online learning environment and the various tools embedded in Canvas and Zoom”, with an average score of 2.91.

The pilot survey results show that online teaching is effective but that there is still room for improvement. The Office of the Provost is now collecting the views of all teaching staff and students. The results will be released once available.


27 Jan 2020 Teaching and research, anti-virus measures and campus security

Teaching and research arrangements

  • ·         All classes will be suspended from 31 January to 6 February to give staff time to prepare for online teaching.
  • ·         From 7 February until further notice, all lessons will be delivered online and in real time, according to the original timetables.
  • ·         If there is a special arrangement for a course, students should contact their individual course tutors direct.

For student

5 Feb 2020 A Resource Page for Online Learning

Following the University Announcement on 30 January 2020 regarding Online Teaching and Learning Activities, the Office of the Provost has set up a website with simple instructions to guide you through the use of Canvas account to access ZOOM for interactive online learning. Please read the instructions listed on the website below to properly install the ZOOM platform and get familiar with it in order to start your online learning.  Through this website, you can also access the instruction videos for setting up ZOOM in Canvas.



30 Jan 2020 Online Teaching and Learning Activities

In view of the latest development of the novel Coronavirus outbreak, the University has announced moving classroom instruction to online learning from 7 February 2020 until further notice. To ensure the quality and effectiveness of online learning, the Office of the Provost and School of Graduate Studies would like to provide the following details on teaching and learning activities.

  1. Online learning experience. Teaching will be delivered in a real‐time interactive format using Canvas in online interactive mode (live video during your class time and Q&A). If the course is 3 credit units (CUs), a 3CU‐equivalent online activity will be designed, which may consist of lecture, online tutorial discussion (with the tutor present in the forum), and online learning/self‐assessment activities. Students who are unable to join the real‐time online teaching can view the lecture video and continue to learn.
  2. Time. Online teaching and discussions/tutorials will be conducted at the regular class schedule as planned. This will help you structure your learning better and will assure that you have no schedule clashes.
  3. Offline learning experience. Students should have additional tasks to complete, such as off‐line learning tasks or reading tasks to meet an overall load of approximately 3 times the number of CUs. Academic staff should supplement online activities by offering consultation or tutorial sessions so that students have the opportunity to seek help when needed.
  4. Preparation. Instructions for joining the online classroom will be available in Canvas (https://canvas.cityu.edu.hk) by 5 February 2020.
  5. Courses with special activities. For courses with special activities, i.e., courses involving hands‐on lab or practical work, individual AUs will make arrangements as appropriate. Research postgraduates should discuss your study plans with your supervisor.

For staff

15 Apr 2020 Video on Preparation of Final Exams and Workshops on Online Assessment and Grading

Video on Staff Guidelines for the Preparation of Final Exams

Further to the release of the Staff Guidelines for the Preparation of Final Exams on 4 April 2020, with the help from OCIO and EDGE, a video has been prepared to walk you through the guidelines. You can access the video by clicking on the following link: 


 Workshops on Online Assessment and Grading

To help you to develop, deliver and manage your online examinations, OCIO will be offering 2 Canvas workshops in April 2020 on online assessment and grading. The details are as follows:

Date: 22 and 23 April 2020
Time: 3:00 – 4:30pm
Format: Online via Zoom 


4 Apr 2020 Staff Guidelines for the Preparation of Final Exams Online

The University announced on 6 March 2020 that final examinations will be conducted online for Semester B 2019/20.  In order to help academic colleagues prepare and conduct the online exams, the Office of the Provost has prepared the Staff Guidelines for the Preparation of Final Exams Online (attached).

In addition, academic units shall take the following actions to ensure the smooth operations of the online exams which will take place in May 2020:

  1. Set up a departmental hotline

    Online final exams are new to most staff and students. It is anticipated that students may encounter various unforeseen issues during the exam. Academic units are requested to set up a hotline during the exam period to handle student enquiries and provide prompt assistance to students. Please inform your students of the hotline number by the end of April 2020.

  2. Draw up a departmental policy to handle late submission of exam scripts

    For fairness purposes, academic units that do not yet have a department-level policy to handle late exam answer submissions should define such a policy.

  3. Share best practices

    Encourage colleagues to attend the workshops or view the training videos provided by OCIO/EDGE to familiarise themselves with the use of Canvas for conducting and managing exams. Details will be announced shortly.

3 Feb 2020 Preparations for Online Learning – Training Video

Following up on our previous announcement on 31 Jan 2020 in relation to the training arrangements for online learning, we are pleased to announce that the training video on how to set up, use and manage an online interactive classroom is now available. You can access the video by clicking on the following link:


Please view the video and prepare for the interactive sessions scheduled for 4 and 5 Feb 2020. Details about your individual training session arrangements will be emailed to you separately.


30 Jan 2020 Preparations for Online Learning

With reference to the University’ announcement regarding online teaching from 7 February 2020 until further notice, the Office of the Provost has prepared the Guidelines to provide academic colleagues with the overview of the intended learning model and the necessary preparations for the arrangement.

As CityU will move to interactive online learning, the Office of the Chief Information Officer will be offering multiple training sessions from 3 to 5 February 2020 to support you to run the interactive online sessions. Please make yourself available for the training.