Emergency Handling

In the Event of Fire

1. Remain calm;
2. Alert persons nearby by shouting "Fire";
3. Break the fire alarm glass;
4. Switch off power / fuel supply;
5. Evacuate immediately the threatened area;
6. Close doors to isolate fire and smoke;
7. Leave the building and go to the "Emergency Assembly Point" at the Student Residence next to the footbridge;
8. Do not return for valuables or for any reason until area is declared safe.

Upon Discovering a Fire

1. Keep calm;
2. Sound the fire alarm by activating the break-glass alarm in the corridor;
3. Call the 24-hour Security Office, if time permits, by dialing 3442 1999;
4. Only tackle the fire if you are absolutely sure that danger is not imminent;
5. Close doors to contain fire and smoke;
6. Exit the building.

Upon Hearing the Fire Alarm

1. Keep calm;
2. Stop your work immediately;
3. Exit the building;
4. Urge and assist other people in the building to leave.

Please participate fire drill at the beginning of each semester.