Network Connection Guide

Internet is available in all bed/study rooms. Note as defined by Computer Services Center, at any point in time, each resident can only have one PC connected to the network port.
Free wireless LAN connection signals covers within hall areas like the common rooms, fitness room, skygarden, multi-function halls and cafeteria. You can connect your devices to CityU WLAN or eduroam or Wi-Fi.Hk via CityU network at the above access points. (
CSC does not allow student using a router to access Internet, and SRO does not support student using router for Internet access.
Please read the policies and guidelines:

Step 1:
Configure your PC and find the Physical address (MAC) of your Ethernet Network Adapter

Microsoft Windows System

  1. For Windows 7: Click on "Start" (開始) => Locate the Blank (可打字的空白位置)
    For Windows 10: Move the mouse to bottom left corner => Click "Search" icon

  2. Type "cmd" and press Enter. In the command prompt, type "ipconfig /all" and then press Enter

  3. Locate "Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection"/ "Ethernet adapter Ethernet" (乙太網絡卡 區域連線 / 以太网 本地连接) for Connection in Hostel (Wired LAN card) registration (The name of connection and description are without following keywords: Wireless, Bluetooth, Virtual)

Apple (Mac OS)

  1. Click the top left corner "Apple icon" and then "System Preferences"

  2. Under the Internet & Network preferences group, click on "Network" icon

  3. Select Ethernet for wired connection, set the value of "Configure IPv4" to "Using DHCP"

  4. Click Advanced… button for the pop up window

  5. Click Hardware (Ethernet) button for the MAC address (Ethernet ID) for registration

Step 2:
Register the Network card / physical / MAC address in the Network Connection Management System
You can register the MAC address in the NCMS ( after one working day when you have finished the checked in process.
To register the Connection in Residence” with the MAC address of Ethernet network adapter (This is a wired connection only for a registered PC use).

[Note: Registration usually processes within an hour up to one working day]


A.       How can I use the wired network in my room if my PC/notebook has only wireless adaptor?

You can use external Ethernet adapter that is readily available in the market.

B.       Can I setup my own Wi-Fi router in my study-bed room to share my Internet link among various devices?

No.  Connecting network device such as wireless router, switch, etc. to the network port is prohibited because
a) It will interfere the hostel’s Wi-Fi network and induce network security problems that will affect other users / students on the same floor.

b) Due to the high density of the study-bed rooms in the hostel environment, Wi-Fi routers will interfere each other and hence degrading the network performance, including both wired and wireless connections, and affecting everyone’s using experience.

N.B. Do not connect to Wi-Fi network not provided by CSC or SRO. It is insecure to connect to unknown Wi-Fi network and may cause data or password leakage.

C.       I need Wi-Fi service but Wi-Fi is not available in my study-bed room. What can I do?

You may go to the TV-Room at each floor or the Common Rooms at the ground floor to use Wi-Fi service. Or you can turn your PC connected to the Hostel network into a Wi-Fi hotspot temporarily by enabling the “Internet Connection Sharing” (ICS) feature as a workaround solution. You may visit the following URL for more information in setting up the ICS:

1. Microsoft Windows 10:

2. Microsoft Windows 7: 

3. MacOS:

SRO is planning to extend the Wi-Fi coverage to all study-bed rooms in the coming years.

D.       I have connected network but there are some problem, what can I do?

Please filling a “Record of Network Connection Related Problems” Form on every service counter in your hall. While if you experience occasional connection problems, please fille in the online form, which could help us improve the network performance