Residence Tutors (RT)

Residence Tutors are full-time postgraduates/undergraduates or research staff members of the University. They are responsible for assisting the Residence Master of the assigned hall in the provision of pastoral care and intellectual guidance to residents, organizing hostel activities, enchancing the relationships among the residents on the floor and in the hall, building communities in the hall and the residence, and maintaining good administration of the hall.

You can expect your Residence Tutor to:

  1. act as a mentor and provide care and social support to residents;
  2. cultivate a sense of community in the Student Residence;
  3. facilitate and assist in planning and organizing hostel activities to enrich students' learning experience;
  4. facilitate and assist in the organization of the Residents' Associations;
  5. assist residents to comply with the Hall Rules, University policies and procedures;
  6. promote a safe living environment;
  7. support the Residence Master in handling emergency cases;
  8. liaise with the Student Residence Office and related departments on the management and maintenance of the Hall;
  9. act as a duty tutor on a roster basis;
  10. provide any other services as assigned by the Residence Master.

Check out more information about "Residence Tutors of Student Residence" and dowload the "Application Form for Residence Tutors", please click "here".

Details of our Hall Tutors
Jockey Club Humanity Hall
賽馬會敬賢堂 (Hall 1)
Jockey Club Harmony Hall
賽馬會群萃堂 (Hall 7)
HSBC Prosperity Hall
滙豐業昕堂 (Hall 2)
Yip Yuen Yuk Hing Hall
葉袁玉𡖖堂 (Hall 8)
Alumni Civility Hall
校友樂禮堂 (Hall 3)
Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall
胡應湘爵士伉儷堂 (Hall 9)
Jockey Club Academy Hall
賽馬會群智堂 (Hall 4)
Hall 10
Chan Sui Kau Hall
陳瑞球堂 (Hall 5)
Hall 11
Lee Shau Kee Hall
李兆基堂 (Hall 6)
Jockey Club House