Residential Halls

Lee Shau Kee Hall(Hall 6)

Residence Master: Prof. CW LIM
Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering
Special Features:
A Home to Work Hard and Play Hard Together

Home Sweet Home
At LSK Hall, we are proud to have established the tradition of “home sweet home”. All LSK residents belong to one big family. We accept individual differences and we live in harmony. We have open and caring hearts towards our fellow hallmates who we regard as our family members. We laugh together, we cry together, and last but not least, we grow together.

Work Hard and Play Hard
While we recognize the importance of academic learning, we also value cultural, social, physical and spiritual learning. We have a passionate and dedicated Residents’ Association (RA) whose members work with Resident Tutors (RTs) to organize fruitful and enjoyable activities for members of our LSK Hall family. We value fun and joy as much as hard work and success. Not only do we study hard together, but we also do our best in activities like community services and inter-hall competitions.

Lee Shau Kee Hall Resident's Starter Kit 2017-18
Naming Ceremony of the Lee Shau Kee Hall (Hall 6)
Date: 12-9-2006
Duration: 5'20"
Hall Song of Lee Shau Kee Hall - 愛與夢的家
Song / Lyrics