Residential Halls

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Residence Master: Dr. Esther CHOW
Associate Professor
Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences
Special Features:
CSK Hall has its ABC motto - 'Affection, Bonding and Care'

Hall life is a part of university life where students can live, learn and grow happily together. To develop hall spirit, CSK Hall has its ABC motto - 'Affection, Bonding and Care'.

Affection - Students are encouraged to develop a sense of affection for each other through experiencing satisfactory, on-going relationships with their hall-mates. CSK Hall provides residents with a family atmosphere to form a solid foundation for their study and social activities.

Bonding - This is the development of relationships based on mutual respect and acceptance of differences. We support all non-local students in our Hall as a way to embrace diversity. We encourage residents to integrate and participate in all Hall activities so as to build up multi-cultural friendships.

Care - This is our care for the needs, well-being, and academic performance of our residents. We support each and every resident to achieve optimum academic performance, and we show our care by distributing fruits and drinks during the revision weeks. Further, a mini-library has been set up to assist residents in their study. Other activities like study tours, "scholarship trips", and mental health talks will also be arranged to enhance broad-based learning.

All these aspects in CSK Hall help our residents to take every opportunity to benefit from, and enjoy their university education to its fullest.

Naming Ceremony of the Chan Sui Kau Hall (Hall 5)
Date: 12-4-2006
Duration: 7'40"