Residential Halls

Jockey Club Academy Hall(Hall 4)

Residence Master: Prof. Ben LEUNG
Chair Professor
Department of Electrical Engineering
Special Features:
4 for Academy

Since its opening on 15th March 2004, Jockey Club Academy Hall (JCAC) has developed its unique culture - the “ABC Culture” (“A”cademic Excellence, “B”alanced Development, and “C”ommunity Citizenship). This culture encourages its residents, the “Academians”, to seek a balance in both intra- and extra-curricular aspects of development.

Activities and Residents’ Involvement
To enrich residents’ learning experiences outside the classroom, the Residence Tutors (RTs) and the Residents’ Association (RA) organize about over 20 hall activities every year, on top of activities organized within each floor. These activities widely cover cultural exchanges, community services, inter-hall competitions, career, and academic development.

What’s more, JCAC RA has the longest history amongst those of all CityU halls, and it is an autonomous association run by the residents.

Unity and Sense of Belonging
“Academian” is an identity to be proud of. Submerged in its caring and family-like environment at JCAC, Academians are united and have a strong sense of belonging to the hall. The strong spirit has led us into winning the Best Cheering Hall prizes in almost every inter-hall cheering competitions over the past few years.

Location and Facilities
JCAC enjoys the geographical advantage of being the hall that lies closest to the campus. With Beacon Hill behind, the hall has a panoramic vista of Kowloon Peninsula and Hong Kong Island. It is equipped with a Gym Room, Pool Table, video game set, and other hall facilities. The RTs manage the facilities and maintain them to best suit residents’ needs.

Naming Ceremony of the Jockey Club Academy Hall (Hall 4)
Date:  23-3-2005
Duration: 4'26"

Jockey Club Academy Hall Alumni Association (JCACAA)

-          To promote fellowship among alumni of Jockey Club Academy Hall;
-          To provide welfare and social activities for the members;
-          To contribute to the hall and cultivate hall culture;
-          To perform as a bridge linking the members and City University of Hong Kong