Residential Halls

Alumni Civility Hall(Hall 3)

Residence Master: Dr. MA Ka Fai
Assistant Professor
Department of Chinese and History
Special Features:
Happy and Free in Hall 3.
"Happy and Free" Tradition
In Alumni Civility Hall (Hall 3), we are proud to have established the tradition of happiness and freedom which helps focus us to build a harmonious and warm living environment for all local and international residents. Likewise, we treasure freedom because freedom helps students develop their skills and competence in an independent manner and allows us to exploit the cultural diversity we have in our hall.

Student-Driven Activities
We stress liberty and self discipline, instead of rules. To explore the world and to enjoy freedom, residents may initiate student-driven hall activities. We have a very motivated and high quality Residents' Association (RA), whose members have helped nurture a very homely and happy environment for all residents by organising a lot of student-centred activities such as the annual high table dinner, sports activities and cultural-cum-entertainment activities like Halloween Night and Poon Choi Dinner.

Special Link with Alumni
Hall 3 has a special link with the alumni of our university. We regard the alumni as an invaluable asset of our hall and at least one Residence Tutor will be tasked with the responsibility to liaise with the Alumni Association throughout the year to strengthen this. We invite our alumni to join in our hall activities wherever appropriate so that they can interact with our residents for experience sharing.

Civility Dialogue Series
Since February 2009, we have also initiated the Civility Dialogue Series for all residents, in which top community leaders invited to have conversation with our students so that we can learn from their experiences and insights direct.
Naming Ceremony of the Alumni Civility Hall (Hall 3)
“365 Days in Hall 3”
Date: August 2013
Duration: 3:38"