Residential Halls

HSBC Prosperity Hall (Hall 2)

Residence Master:

Dr. Ray C.C. Cheung
Associate Professor
Department of Electrical Engineering

Special Features:
‘Diversity is Prosperity’
Celebrate diversity and prosper by joining Prosperity Hall.
Prosperity is wealth and this comes in many forms. At HSBC Prosperity Hall, we believe that the greatest riches are achieved when you share with others. Prosperity Hall is a vibrant, energetic environment where we live like a family, sharing our daily trials and triumphs with each other. We believe that by helping each other to prosper, we all benefit.

Prosperity is also about diversity and Hall 2 is identified by all its residents as a global village, a caring, sharing community made up of people from around our planet, all committed to learning about life in active and collaborative harmony with each other. The Resident Master's team is made up of caring and fun-loving people from different nationalities! Residents of HSBC Prosperity Hall celebrate and learn from this diversity every day with a wide range of large and small social, sporting, language and cultural activities on offer.

Technology innovation plays an important role in our modern society, and in Hall 2 we create a collaborative community to promote creativity and entrepreneurship. Global movements such as the Coding initiative and Maker culture will be also highlighted, train the trainers model will be apply to students coming from all schools and departments. Idea zone and Startup zone are the two hubs at Hall 2 to turn our residents into entrepreneurs.

HSBC Prosperity Hall has its own emblem, song, magazine, sports and social service team. The Hall has an active Residents’ Association, which works closely with Floor Representatives, the Residence Master and Residence Tutors, to represent all residents wherever their country of origin. To cultivate prosperity for everyone, we celebrate our diversity by organising regular social services, music, recreational and sports activities, as well as our special Diversity Nights and ‘Prosperian’ Dinner.

Come and be an important part of our global village, celebrate our diversity, and prosper by joining the HSBC Prosperity Hall family.
Hall 2 - Hall life videos
Naming Ceremony of the HSBC Prosperity Hall (Hall 2)
Date: 27-2-2004
Duration: 6'47"
Hall Song of HSBC Prosperity Hall - The Spirit of Prosperity 業昕精神
Song / Lyrics