Regulations Governing Student Residence

1. Preamble
Student Residence constitutes an important part of the University. Therefore, the Code of Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedure formulated by the University to guide student behavior shall automatically apply to student residence at the University.
1.2 These Regulations aim to support and strengthen the responsible and mature behavior of all residents in order to achieve the following objectives:
1.2.1 To safeguard the safety of all residents and the security of all hall properties and premises;
1.2.2 To build and maintain a caring and harmonious relationship among all residents;
1.2.3 To create an enriching environment which facilitates learning and personal development;
To enhance the socialization and community living of all residents so as to build a strong sense of belonging to the halls and the University; and
1.2.5 To support and promote responsible citizenry and a healthy lifestyle.
Pursuant to the objectives set out above, the University requires student residents and their visitors to comply with these Regulations, any additional rules stipulated by a particular hall and any reasonable requirements of the Residence Masters relating to these Regulations.
2. Hall Application, Admission and Allocation
Application for a hall place should be made in the manner prescribed by the University. All information provided in the application must be true and accurate. Student Residence Office will conduct vetting on the applications at any time of the year. Applicants will be required to provide documentary proofs to verify the information submitted on the web. Submission of inaccurate information or failure to submit information during the vetting period will lead to immediate disqualification and removal from the hall, and their residence applications will not be accepted throughout their entire study period. All fees paid will not be refunded. Serious cases will be subject to further disciplinary actions, which may affect the opportunities for award, scholarship, exchange or internship.
Upon acceptance of an offer of a hall place, residents are required to pay a non-refundable confirmation fee, which will be used to offset against the student residence fee for the same semester. The remaining fees will be payable after confirmation of such acceptance.
The period of stay is non-extendable. Residents are required to vacate their rooms immediately upon the expiry of the assigned period. Residents will also be required to vacate their rooms upon suspension, termination, leave of absence, study interruption, withdrawal, completion of their studies, exchange programmes or any cases that result in inactive / part-time student status. Extension of stay may be granted at the university's discretion on a case by case basis.
2.4 Residents are not allowed to change rooms unless this is specifically requested and approved.
Residents must not allow other persons to occupy or share any part or parts of the assigned rooms.
3. Living in the Hall
Safety and Security:
Residents must comply with the rules concerning safety and security and refrain from behavior that may pose a safety or health hazard to others.
Residents are responsible for the safekeeping of their personal valuable items. The University or hall management shall not be responsible for any loss of or damage to any articles or things brought into the hall by the residents.
If the University, or any of its duly authorized agents, has reason to believe that the safety or security of any resident of the hall is being compromised or has reason to believe that there is a breach of any of the Rules and Regulations herein, the University, or its duly authorized agents, may, with or without notice, at any time of the day or night, enter any room in the hall.
Only simple cooking is allowed in the pantry on each floor. For safety reasons, any type of ignition giving rise to a naked flame is prohibited within the hall area.
Additional equipment or objects brought into the hall by residents or their visitors will be subject to scrutiny by the hall management.  The hall management reserves the right to remove any of these items that may pose a safety, health or environmental hazard to the other residents.
No birds or other animals are allowed to be kept at or brought into the halls. Under very special circumstances, prior exceptional approval in writing may be obtained from the respective Residence Masters, such approval being revocable at any time either in writing or orally at the absolute discretion of the respective Residence Masters.
3.1.7 All accidents and irregularities should be reported to the hall management immediately.
Consideration for Others:
Residents should be considerate towards other residents and must refrain from conduct that may cause disturbance or inconvenience to other residents. The period between 11 pm to 7 am is regarded as quiet hours of student residence. During revision and examination weeks quiet hours may be extended as needed.
3.3 Visitors:
  3.3.1 Residents may invite individual visitors to the hall they reside in. The visiting hours are from 8 am to 12 midnight, but visitors are not allowed to stay overnight. Residents have to accompany visitors at all times and be responsible for their behavior in the hall. Prior written approval must be obtained from the hall management if residents intend to arrange a visit from an external organization or the media.
  3.3.2 Residents or visitors are not allowed to enter a student room without the prior consent of the room occupant in the case of a single room, and of both occupants in the case of a shared room or flat.
  3.3.3 Residents or visitors of the opposite gender are not allowed to use the shared washroom between rooms to avoid inconvenience and disturbance to occupants of the adjacent room.
Smoke-free Environment:
The University is a smoke-free campus. Smoking on campus is an offence in law and is strictly forbidden in any part of the student residence.
3.5 Gambling:
Gambling and betting in any form is not allowed in the hall.
3.6 Cleanliness:
Residents should keep all parts of the hall, including their own rooms, clean and tidy.
Hall Properties:
Residents should keep all hall facilities, furniture and equipment in good order. No furniture or equipment may be removed without prior approval from the hall management. Residents must not interfere or tamper with existing fittings or fixtures of the hall, including the smart-meters of air-conditioners and washing machines. Residents will be subject to criminal prosecution and/or disciplinary hearing, and required to compensate the University for any loss or damage caused to hall property as a result of the deliberate acts or negligence of the residents or their visitors.
4. Disciplinary Action
  Violation of any of these Regulations may render a resident liable to disciplinary procedures promulgated by the University.