Hall Rules

Hall Rules of Jockey Club Academy Hall (Hall 4)


Far beyond a mere place to stay, hall residence is an important component of the whole-person education offered by City University of Hong Kong. Being exposed to a diversity of individuals, ideas and lifestyles, residents in Jockey Club Academy Hall have ample opportunities to gain out-of-classroom experiences which are as valuable as academic achievements. At the same time, they are expected to observe the "Regulations Governing Student Residence" and the "Code of Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedure" of the University in order to maintain a secure, healthy and pleasant environment for all personnel in the Hall.

The following Hall Rules and Regulations are also set to maintain a due standard and to state the relevant procedures. The spirit is not to sanction but to instil a sense of responsibility and maturity in residents of the Hall to develop a harmonious community. Residents' understanding and cooperation are essential to make Jockey Club Academy Hall the best place to live in and study.

  1. General Conduct
    1.1 Smoking or having cigarette butts is strictly prohibited in all Hall areas.
Offenders will result in suspension from Hall for a defined period.
    1.2 Playing Mah-jong is prohibited.
    1.3 Extraneous noise after midnight is prohibited.
    1.4 Open flames and the use or storage of inflammable substances are prohibited.
    1.5 Cooking is allowed ONLY in Common Rooms on residence floors and G/F Common Room (Room G04)
    1.6 Please keep all areas of the Hall premises clean and tidy at all times. Users should also take good care of the Hall properties and facilities and will be required to make good and bear the cost of any damages caused, which may include monetary compensations and/or, disciplinary actions on any malicious vandalism, including but not limited to, immediate suspension from Hall for a defined period.
    1.7 Pet or animal keeping is prohibited.
  2. Visitor
    2.1 Visiting hours are from 8:00AM to 12:00 midnight. Visitors are not allowed to enter or remain within the Hall areas beyond visiting hours. Overstay is a serious offence at this Hall. Disciplinary action will be taken against the resident hosts, the overstay visitors and the occupants who let the overstay visitors stay in their room.
    2.2 All visitors MUST register at the security counter upon entrance and departure. BOTH resident hosts and visitors are jointly responsible for the registration process. Failure of doing so may result in disciplinary action against BOTH the resident hosts and the visitors.
Resident hosts are held fully responsible for the conduct of their visitors and have the duty to make visitors aware of the said rules and regulations. Resident hosts are accountable for misconduct committed by their visitors. (Note: The Rule 2.3 is in line with Rule 3.3.1 of Regulations Governing Student Residence - “Residents have to accompany visitors at all times and be responsible for their behaviour in the hall.”)
  3. Room Occupancy & Identity
    3.1 Lending or borrowing of resident identity card is strictly prohibited.
    3.2 Residents or visitors are not allowed to enter a room without the prior consent of the room occupant in the case of a single room and of BOTH occupants in the case of a shared room.
    3.3 Shared washrooms between rooms are not allowed to be used by residents or visitors of the opposite gender. Washrooms located in the common rooms should be used instead.
    3.4 Unapproved use, change or sharing of room occupancy is prohibited. Residents should refer to Appendix 2 for procedures of changes of room and room partnership.
    3.5 Residence Tutors reserve the right to conduct room check at any time with or without prior notice if there is reason to believe that the safety or security of any resident is being compromised or there is a suspected breach of rules and regulations.
  4. Use of Common Rooms in resident floors
    4.1 Common rooms on resident floors are not available for booking.
    4.2 Cooking utensils are available in common rooms for sharing. Alternatively, residents can use their own utensils.
    4.3 Theft is a criminal offence. Stealing food or drinks from the refrigerator will result in suspension from Hall for a defined period.
    4.4 Do not take away any cooking utensils to other floors.
  5. Use of facilities on G/F
    5.1 Common rooms on G/F and facilities therein can be used after booking at the security counter in accordance with appropriate procedures.
    5.2 Hall Management reserves the right to suspend usage and booking of hall facilities.
    5.3 The gym room on the G/F is for the exclusive use of Hall residents only. Visitors are not allowed to use the gym room due to safety reasons.
    5.4 Visitors may use the billiard room on the G/F in the presence of residents. Each resident may bring up to three visitors to use the billiard room at one time.
  6. Floor Representative
    6.1 The residents of each floor should elect their own representative(s). If the residents are unable to elect a floor representative, the RT of that floor should appoint a resident on that floor to be the floor representative.
    6.2 Floor representatives are to provide assistance in managing the business of the floor where they are elected. They are of a more informal nature.
    6.3 Floor representatives should build up a supportive network among residents living on the same floor.
  7. Help & Emergency
    7.1 Residents may approach the Residence Tutor of their floor for general assistance.
If the floor RT is not available, students may seek the help of the Duty Tutor according to the Duty Roster posted on the left side of G/F lift entrance.
    7.3 In case of emergency, residents should report the matter immediately to the security guards at the security counter or the central security office.

1. Violation of Hall Rules will lead to disciplinary action by the Hall Management in accordance with Appendix 1 of this rule
2. Hall Rules and Regulations of Jockey Academy Hall will be updated from time to time. Please contact your Residence Tutors for enquiry. Comments or feedback are welcome.
3. In addition to the hall rules, residents should also follow the “Regulations Governing Student Residence” (https://www.cityu.edu.hk/sro/htm/e_policies_regulations.htm) and the “Code of Student Conduct” (https://www.cityu.edu.hk/vpsa/studentlan/cscdp/csc.htm).


  Appendix 1 : Disciplinary Procedures
  Violation of Hall Rules will lead to disciplinary action by the Hall Management.
  1. The offenders will receive a written warning from the Residence Master, with or without copy to the residents' academic departments as suitable for the relevant circumstances.
  2. For residents who have received a written warning from the Residence Master and committed a further offence, the Residence Master is authorized to sanction the said residents in an appropriate manner by making reference to the University’s “Code of Student Conduct” and/or pass the case to the Student Discipline Committee for further investigation, which may result in additional sanction on the said residents and/or other students/individuals involved in committing the offence.
  Appendix 2 : Procedures of changes of rooms and room partnership
  To encourage the expansion of life experience, change of room and room partnership are discouraged. Where a resident finds it imperative to apply for a change and has SOUND and GOOD reasons, he/she should take the following steps:
  1. Write an official letter stating the situations and reasons to the Residence Tutor in charge of the floor.
  2. If the RT finds valid grounds for the application, he/she will advise the resident to obtain a signed mutual agreement from respective residents. The request will then be passed to the Residence Master for approval.
After the approval of RM, the resident should submit the application to SRO for the final processing.

1. Rules and Regulations also apply to visitors.
2. For residents who have committed an offence which is serious in nature, or an offence intentionally, or multiple offences, the Hall Management reserves the right to handle the case in a manner as it sees fit, without limitation to the above said procedures even if they are first-time offenders.