Hall Rules

Hall Rules of Jockey Club Humanity Hall (Hall 1)

  1. Any type of ignition (e.g. ignitable aromatic dispenser) is prohibited within the Hall area (including the Roof and the Staircases).
  2. Any type of cooking by electronic appliances (e.g. Rice Cooker, Electronic Hot Pot) is prohibited inside all residential rooms.
  3. Smoking and drugs are prohibited within the Hall area (including the Roof and the Staircases).
  4. All visitors should not be in the Hall between 2400 and 0800. Overnight staying by any person other than the residents of the Hall is not allowed.
  5. Residents and visitors are not allowed to enter a room without the prior consent of the room occupant in the case of a single room and of BOTH occupants in the case of a shared room. Shared washrooms between rooms are not allowed to be used by residents or visitors of another gender.
  6. Residents are not allowed to swap the rooms assigned without approval from the University.
  7. All the public utensils and appliances are owned by the Hall and are not supposed to be taken away. Residents have the responsibility of keeping these public properties in a good condition.
  8. Mahjong is prohibited within the Hall common area.
  9. Gambling and betting in any form is not allowed in the hall.

Effective date 1-9-2003

Note: The Residence Master has the discretion to interpret all the above rules . All residents should abide by the ‘Code of Student Conduct' of City University of Hong Kong . (https://https://www.cityu.edu.hk/vpsa/cscdp/)