Memorable Moments & Development Hallmark

The student residence project was developed in four phases, repectively in 2002, 2004, 2005 and 2012.

While the University Grants Committee (UGC) has supported 75% of the capital cost, the University is responsible for meeting the remaining costs from donations. Naming rights of the halls have been arranged for major donors to recognize their contributions to the university.

Naming Ceremony of the Moon Chun Multi-function Hall
Date: 30-5-2013
Duration: 7'48"
Naming Ceremony of the Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu Hall (Hall 9)
Date: 18-4-2012
Duration: 8'43"
Student Residence 10th Anniversary Joint-hall Dinner

Date: 8-2-2012
Duration: 8'53"
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Naming Ceremony of the Jockey Club Harmony Hall (Hall 7)
Date: 26-10-2006
Duration: 7'00"

Naming Ceremony of the Lee Shau Kee Hall (Hall 6)
Date: 12-9-2006
Duration: 5'20"

Naming Ceremony of the Chan Sui Kau Hall (Hall 5)
Date: 12-4-2006
Duration: 7'40"

Naming Ceremony of the Jockey Club Academy Hall (Hall 4)
Date: 23-3-2005
Duration: 4'26"

Naming Ceremony of the Alumni Civility Hall (Hall 3)

Naming Ceremony of the HSBC Prosperity Hall (Hall 2)
Date: 27-2-2004
Duration: 6'47"

Naming Ceremony of the Jockey Club Humanity Hall (Hall 1)
Date: 16-1-2003
Duration: 6'35"

Student Hostel Phase I
Duration: 4'00"

Student Hostel Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony
Date: 29-9-2000
Duration: 6'12"