Student Residence Office

Residence Tutor 2020/21

High-caliber PG and senior UG students, with a heart in providing pastoral care to fellow residents and dedication in serving the hall, are warmly invited to learn about the experience shared by current Residence Tutors (RT) and take up this voluntary services as Residence Tutor 2021/22.


Experience Sharing

Our valuable messages from current and previous Residence Tutors about the duties, key learning and unforgettable experiences are below.

  • Hannah CHAN (RT of Chan Sui Kau Hall, 2017-19, Hong Kong)

    Key words: Time management skills, Teamwork (Video link)

  • Fung Ching-yee (RT of Hall 10, 2018-20, Hong Kong)

    Key words: People management skill, Leadership skill (Video link)

  • LEUNG Yen-san (RT of Hall 11, 2018-20, Malaysia)

    Key words: Organisational skill, Communication skill (Video link)

  • Asad RAZA (RT of Hall 5, 2019-20, Pakistan)

    Key words: Empathy & embracing diversity, Interpersonal skill (Video link)


Scope of Service and Roles

Reporting to the Residence Master (RM), the Residence Tutor is expected to perform the following key roles:

  1. Act as a mentor and cultivate a sense of harmonious community in respective suite/floor/hall;
  2. Assist residents’ (including Residents’ Association) planning and organizing hall activities to enrich hall life;
  3. Enforce hall discipline and residents’ compliance to Hall Rules and Regulations in the SR;
  4. Support the RM in upholding orderly hall operation and handling caring, disciplinary and emergent cases;
  5. Act as a Duty Tutor on roster basis and submit leave plan if any with respective RM;
  6. perform other duties and services as requested by the RM and Director of Student Residence.


Full-time PG & UG senior-year students normally possessing a CGPA of 3.0 or above, including:

  • nominative 4-year undergraduate students: have completed a minimum of 60 credit units
  • 4-year undergraduate Advanced Standing I students: have completed a minimum of 30 credit units
  • 4-year undergraduate Advanced Standing II students

Mandatory Requirements

Applicants interested in RT position are expected to:

  • Give consent to SRO in obtaining one’s CGPA and approaching referee directly on one’s suitability as RT
  • Move-in on 1 August 2021 (UG Hall) or 20 August 2021
  • Attend RT Training Camp in late August 2021, and
  • Attend RT Composite Workshops in September 2021.

* All dates listed above is the tentative subject to the further announcement.


Terms of Services

Service Period 2021/22

RT is expected and required to serve a whole residential year from:

  • UG Halls (Hall 1-7, Hall 9-11): 1 August 2021 to 15 July 2022
  • PG Halls (Hall 8, JCH): 20 August 2021 to 16 August 2022

Submit Application

Application Method

fill and submit the online application form (Click here) before 21 April 2021. Late submission will not be entertained.

Interview Period

27 April - 14 May 2021 (shortlisted candidate will be invited for interview)

Result announcement

mid-Jun to late-Jun 2021