Dear hall residents,

Welcome Home!

As scheduled, the Student Residence (SR) at Tak Hong Avenue is re-open between 10 and 14 Dec 2019 and around 1,000 (30%) of hall residents having returned to respective hall, greeted with homely welcome from the RMs and SRO.  

Warm Reminders!

For hall residents wishing to return to the SR at any time of their convenience, please be alerted on the following IMPORTANT matters:

  1. Single Entrance  - the single entrance of the SR locates at Tak Hong Avenue;

  2. Road Safety- follow the traffic lights at Cornwall Street on your way back to the SR;

  3. Access Card - beep your SID for entering the SR and entering/leaving your hall;

  4. No Visitor – visitors are NOT allowed into the SR for the time being when hall security and surveillance system under prolonged recovery process;

  5. No Hall Catering services at the moment – which may resume after 6 Jan 2020, subject to its recovery progress;

  6. On-loan Cleaning Stuff – provision of cleaning tools/detergent are available free of charge at respective hall lobby as usual;

  7. Special Cleaning Squad – for extra assistance in cleaning your room/fridge, contact 3442 1999.


Special Arrangements

  1. Leave of Absence in Semester B: For hall residents who have submitted such application to your dept., your hall access may have been invalidated by the system automatically. Please be reminded that your check-out date is noon, 27 December 2019;

  2. Withdrawal from the SR in Semester B: For UGs who may wish to withdraw for whatever reasons, please return the completed withdrawal form to SRO  before/by 27 December 2019; 

  3. Refer to SRO’s earlier email to your student email account on issue relating to hall lodging fee refund during closure of the SR;

  4. For enquiries, feel free to email us via (for UGs) or (for PGs) or call 3442-1111 during office hours.

16 Dec 2019