Enhancing Multi-culture Integration

A suite of big-scale festive celebrations that engage every resident from over 10 countries. Not only is it a cultural celebration, but it is also a cultural “circulation” between globally engaged CityU residents, who immerse and deep dive into cultural diversities, stay curious, and welcome the world.

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    Mid-Autumn Festival
    Booths are designed by residents from different countries, who get the chance to perform their cultural dance or singing. The festival celebration shows excitement and strong ethnic identities embedded in the chorus of applause. Each of their own styles, while being under the same moon, residents get to speak a common identity - a blend of colors, closely attuned.

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    Spring Festival
    A series of celebration events for the Chinese New Year, in which non-local residents from their Chinese home countries could feel at home-away-from-home by gathering with close friends and enjoying the warm atmosphere, while residents from other countries can get a taste of this unique festive culture.