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Residence Master: Prof. CHUNG Shu Hung Henry

Chair Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering
Director (CSCR), Centre for Smart Energy Conversion and Utilization Research
Dean of Students, Office of the Provost and Deputy President

Hall 10 is a vibrant community of 400 students.

We come together:
  • to share our cultures
  • to gain a deeper appreciation of Hong Kong
  • to build team spirit in the Edmond Ko Cup
  • to perform community service
  • to showcase various forms of art
  • to promote sustainability

Living in Hall 10 will allow you to develop your interests, find new interests and learn from fellow residents. We organize a full range of activities for our residents and, even more importantly, we set aside a significant budget to fund student-initiated clubs and projects.

Hall 10 also offers an environment where you can devote the time and energy needed for your studies, with a balance of community and independence.

Hall Rules of Hall 10

  1. General Conduct

    • 1.1   Any type of ignition is prohibited within the Hall area.

    • 1.2   Any type of cooking by electronic appliances (e.g. rice cooker, electronic hot pot, kettle) is prohibited inside all residential rooms.

    • 1.3   Smoking and drugs are prohibited within the Hall area. Used cigarettes may not be taken inside Hall 10 or kept in the rooms.

    • 1.4   All public utensils and appliances are owned by the Hall and shall not be taken away. Residents shall keep these items in good condition.

    • 1.5   Mahjong is prohibited in all hall areas and at all times, except in Common Rooms on residence floors between 0800 and 2400. However, the enjoyment of mahjong playing may be curtailed upon the finding of disturbances and/or nuisance to other residents.

    • 1.6   Gambling in any form is prohibited within the Hall area

    • 1.7   No pet is allowed within the Hall area

    • 1.8   Loud and unreasonable noise after midnight is prohibited [Quiet Hour = 23:00 – 7:00]

  2. Inter-hall Visit

    • 2.1   Visiting hours: 08:00-23:00. No visitor may stay in the Hall between 23:00 and 08:00. Hall 10 strictly enforces the 23:00 check-out rule.

    • 2.2   The host resident can entertain 2 visitors at any time during the visiting hours. All visitors MUST register upon entrance and de-register upon departure at the security counter.

    • 2.3   The host resident has to accompany visitors at all times and is held liable for the behaviour of the visitors on hall premises. The host residents have the duty to make visitors aware of the said rules and regulations. Residents are accountable for misconduct committed by their visitors.

    • 2.4   Any misconduct such as an attempt of illegal access without visitor registration, leaving the hall without visitor deregistration, using 3rd party SID card for registration, or remaining in the hall beyond visiting hours (i.e. after 23:00) shall lead to penalties for both Resident hosts and visitors.

    • 2.5   The first offence for either host/visitor results in a 2-week ban on visitors/visits. The second offence results in a 6-week ban on visitors/visits. After that, the host will be suspended from halls and the visitors will be barred from visiting Hall 10.
    • 2.6 All residents are subject to rules and measures by SRO and the University.

  3. Room & Identity

    • 3.1   Unauthorized room swapping is prohibited

    • 3.2   Lending or borrowing of resident identity card is strictly prohibited

    • 3.3   Residents who do not swipe identity cards at the entrance would be subject to penalties

  4. Use of Hall name

    It is imperative that all activities and publications associated with the hall receive prior approval from the RM/HMT. This is to ensure that they align with the hall's values and standards and do not undermine the hall's reputation or standing.

    Organizers and participants who fail to obtain the necessary approval may be subject to disciplinary actions, as stipulated by the hall's regulations. Such actions may include, but are not limited to, warnings, fines, suspension, or expulsion from the hall.

    Therefore, we strongly advise all individuals and groups wishing to organize events or publish materials in the name of the hall to adhere to the established guidelines and seek approval from the RM/HMT in a timely manner. This will help to ensure that all activities and publications are carried out in a professional and responsible manner, and contribute positively to the hall's community and reputation.

** Violation of any of the above rules may lead to disciplinary action by the Hall Management Team including but not limited to

1.  Verbal warning
2.  Written letter
3.  Deduction of hall returning points
4.  Hall suspension
5.  Reporting to the University Student Discipline Committee.

The Hall Management Team may take any measure as deemed necessary in the circumstances in order to enforce the rules.

** The Residence Master has the ultimate right of interpretation of the above rule

Responsible 3 - 4/F
MOHAMMAD, Mohammad Fatima Kosar
【 Kelly 】
Room 409B
Responsible 5/F
ALI, Syed Areeb
【 Areeb 】
Room 509B
Responsible 6 - 7/F
【 Sakshi 】
Room 709B
Responsible 8/F
LEUNG, Kwun Hei
【 Victor 】
Room 809B
Responsible 9 - 10/F
LEE, Hiu Wah
【 Kira 】
Room 1001A
Responsible 11/F
SHAH, Aliya
【 Aliya 】
Room 1101A
Responsible 12/F
ZOU, Chuyang
【 Claire 】
Room 1201A
Responsible 13 - 14/F
【 Febby 】
Room 1409B