Yip Yuen Yuk Hing Hall (Hall 8)

Residence Master: Prof. YE Shengquan Sam

Associate Professor, Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences


Hall 8 is a coed postgraduate hall that provides 416 single rooms. The hall houses both female and male residents on the same floor, but in separate areas. Each flat consists of four single rooms that are assigned to residents of the same gender. The four residents share toilet and bathroom facilities within their flat.

Our goal at Hall 8 is to provide an enriching social environment in addition to a comfortable living space. With a diverse community of residents from various countries and academic fields, living in Hall 8 presents an excellent opportunity to expand one's horizons and form lasting connections. The majority of our residents are pursuing PhD degrees, and they are predominantly non-local students.

Hall Rules of Yip Yuen Yuk Hing Hall (Hall 8)

From the “Regulations Governing Student Residence”, this Hall attaches very high importance to the expectation that

residents will be considerate towards other residents
by not disturbing or inconveniencing them unreasonably.

This general rule is further detailed here with respect to issues most commonly encountered in practice:

1 Use of Pantry in 4-room Units
Except for fully enclosed rice cookers and microwave ovens for reheating or light cooking of odourless food, there should be no other forms of stoves/cookers in the pantries of four-room units due to issues of safety, hygiene and inadequate ventilation. Upon complaints of cooking-odours from pantries, the cooking appliances may be subject to removal by the Hall Management Team.
2 Use of Common Room
2.1 Cooking in the Common Room on residence floors
Cooking in the Common Rooms on residence floors (floors 1 to 13) is restricted to residents of these respective floors. These kitchens must be used on a “first come, first serve” basis. Residents are asked to limit their time of cooking in order to be considerate to other residents waiting to use the facilities. Those who repeatedly prepare meals for non-resident visitors must show an even higher standard of care for the needs of other residents.
2.2 Clean-up after use
After using the facilities, residents must clean up and put any leftover food in the bins. No food or food residues shall be left in the sinks or on the counters. Improperly stored food and items with food residues such as dirty dishes that are left in common areas unattended for over 10 minutes will be subject to disposal as garbage by the Hall Management Team without further notice. (This is a very important sanitary measure aimed at preventing pest infestations. If you notice dirty dishes or items with food smears or open food packages, please bring this to the attention of your Residence Tutors or Residence Master.)
2.3 Personal items unrelated to food or cooking must not be stored in common rooms.
3 Use of Common Refrigerators
The Management Team reserves the right to dispose of food from the common refrigerators that is expired, apparently spoiled, seemingly abandoned but unlabeled (with the owner’s name), and also to remove drinks from the refrigerator to free space for food.
4 Use of G/F Common Room & TV Room
The G/F Common Room and the TV Room can be booked in advance by private parties of at least five Hall residents (including JCH residents) for a duration of up to three hours. The Hall Management Team can override bookings, such as in cases of frequent bookings for private functions at peak times involving largely the same residents or when a booker has been found to not have tidied up the common facilities on previous occasion(s). These rooms may be used as study rooms but may not be booked for that purpose.
5 Pets are NOT allowed in the Hall.
6 Residents are asked to minimize the noise they make between midnight and 8:00 am, including noises from the operation of doors and bathroom facilities.
7 Smoking is strictly forbidden in any part of the student residence, including the carrying of a lighted cigarette, cigar or pipe in the University campus.
8 Prior approval by the Hall Management Team is required for any posting on Hall premises.
9 Interpretation of Hall Rules
The Hall Management Team comprising of Residence Tutors and the Residence Master have the ultimate right to interpret or adjudicate on these rules and on any reports of infringement of the same.

The spirit is generally not to sanction unless nuisance is caused to other residents, which then may lead to disciplinary action including a warning, denial of a particular service, hall suspension, diminished hall return prospect, reporting to the University Student Discipline Committee or other appropriate measure.

Mature residents should be able to resolve relevant issues through due consideration for and dialogue with those around them, thus eliminating any need for sanctions.

Please note that the prevention of sexual harassment is an important ethical issue for the whole University as described in the “Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedure”.

Consistent with general procedures safeguarding the University’s reputation, approval from the Residence Master/Hall Management Team is required before any activities or publications in the hall’s name.

Responsible 1 - 2/F
ZHANG, Xuebing
Room 204B
Responsible 3 - 4/F
WANG, Xinliang
Room 403B
Responsible 5 - 7/F
WANG, Hongbo
Room 501B
Responsible 8 - 9/F
TAO, Danyang
Room 907C
Responsible 10 - 11/F
Room 1101A
Responsible 12 - 13/F
EFFAH, Ebenezer
Room 1303D