Student Residence Office was excited to present a series of celebration events for the Year of Ox letting all residents, especially non-local residents from their Chinese home countries like Malaysia and Taiwan feel at home-away-from-home by gathering with close friends and enjoying the warm atmosphere, likewise residents from a diverse array of nationalities like Thailand, Germany, the UK, Norway, Netherland, Kazakhstan, etc. explore the unique festive culture.

Distributing Chinese New Year Couplets

On 9 February with Lunar New Year right around the corner, photo booths were set up at the Hi-bye Bridge for residents to choose from a wide collection of beautifully designed couplets to express their wishes while pasting around their dorm rooms.

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Celebrating Year of the Ox

On the day after, President Way Kuo was invited to kickstart the new year celebration with residents at the Multi-functional Hall and together enjoyed a relaxing, warm afternoon. President Kuo distributed a lucky gift pack with fruits, festive food, masks and a poem written by him. After sharing the words of encouragement, residents followed avidly his tutorial on cooking “Nian Gao”.
President Kuo then joined by hall master Prof Ben Leung to hand out lucky gift packs to residents.

All residents were also welcomed to collect lucky gift pack at the Multi-functional Hall and couplets with indigenous Cantonese slangs-greetings that are uniquely Konglish.

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Know more about Chinese New Year

For first-year international residents to experience the cultural traditions, two sessions of interactive workshops were launched on 17th February where they had their first-time making windmill, writing couplets, and tasting festive food which are crowd-pleasing favourites year-round.

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God of Wealth coming to SR

While the full moon marked the festive epilogue, there was the ultimate sequel from the 18th to 19th February, when the God of Wealth continued to spread his blessings at the Bridge and residents won gifts via scratchcards.

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The suite of events showed how different identities intersect, navigate and experience Lunar New Year alongside CityU cultural values.