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Mr BURKE, Jack

BA (Macquarie University)
Dip. Law (SAB)
Graduate Certificate in University Teaching and Learning (Charles Sturt University)

Senior Teaching Fellow

Mr BURKE, Jack

Contact Information

Office: LI-6207
Phone: +(852)-3442-7675

Research Interests

  • Advocacy
  • Criminal Justice
  • Legal Education

Journal Articles

  • David Birchall and Jack Burke, “Just a Slap on the Wrist? Parental Corporal Punishment of Children and the Defence of Reasonable Chastisement in Hong Kong” 50(1) Hong Kong Law Journal (2020) 167.
  • C A Hafner, K Lynch, A Scully-Hill, J Burke & R Sharma “Designing and Evaluating Digital Multimedia Resources for Legal English: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Innovation” (2018) International Journal of Language & Law 7 142-166
  • Jack Burke and Hugh Zillmann, “Creating a Gold Standard for Practical Legal Training in Common Law Countries” Journal of International and Comparative Law (June 2018) Vol 5:1 9.
  • Christoph A Hafner and Jack Burke, “A Closer Look at Writing Products: Finessing Opinions in Client Correspondence” (July 2017) Hong Kong Lawyer 80.
  • Jack Burke and Dr Christoph A Hafner, ‘Survival Tips for the Uber Quick New Order of Client Correspondence: Sounds Like a Plan’ Hong Kong Lawyer (June 2017) 81.
  • Jack Burke and Sheldon Leung, ‘Making Good: Dealing with Illegal Drug Consumption in Hong Kong’ Hong Kong Law Journal Volume 46 Part 3 (2016) 793.
  • Jack Burke, ‘An Impediment to Accord or a Springboard for Change? The Proposal to Introduce a Common Qualifying Exam in Hong Kong’, Asia Pacific Law Review (2015) 23(1) 123.
  • Dr Mark Kielsgard and Jack Burke, Post-Incarceration Supervision of Pedophile Offenders: An International Comparative Study,’ The Criminal Law Bulletin, Vol. 51, No.1 (2014) 1. This article was cited by the Colorado Court of Appeals in Colorado v In the interest of C.J.R, 2016COA133, on 8 September 2016.
  • Dr Mark Kielsgard and Jack Burke, ‘Achieving the Right Balance between Rehabilitation and Public Safety under the New Sex Offenders Record Scheme in Hong Kong’, Hong Kong Law Journal, (2012) Vol. 42, Part 3 717.
  • Rohan Price and Jack Burke,‘Occupational Exposure to Asbestos: Mortality and Liability Issues Arising in Hong Kong’s Shipping Industry’, Air and Water Borne Diseases (2012) Case ReportVol 1Issue No. Issue 1 1:1015.
  • John Burke and Hao Dong,‘Competition Policy and the Reform of Legal Services: The New South Wales Experience and Lessons for Hong Kong (Part 2)’ China Law (2010), No. 1, 96.
  • John Burke and Hao Dong,‘Competition Policy and the Reform of Legal Services: The New South Wales Experience and Lessons for Hong Kong (Part 1)’ China Law, 2009, No. 6, 99.
  • Jack Burke and Donnie Dong, ‘Competition Policy and Updating Vehicles for the Delivery of Legal Services: The New South Wales Experience and Lessons for Hong Kong’ Asia Pacific Law Review (2009) Volume 17 Number 2 239.

Publications - other outputs

  • Jack Burke, Archbold Hong Kong News. Cases in Hong Kong Issue 2 of 2011 Service, December 2011. These case studies were of HKSAR v Hong Tsz Yin [2011] 5 HKLRD 447 and HKSAR v Posso Chisthian Enrique [2011] 5 HKLRD 49.

Refereeing of Journal Articles

  • Refereeing of article for the journal Legal Education Review(December 2018).
  • Refereeing of article for the journal ACTA Criminologica (September 2016)

Conference Presentations

  • Jack Burke, “The Best of Both Worlds. Working Toward a Hybrid System of Practical Legal Training in the CityU Postgraduate Certificate in Laws Programme” (2020 Professional Legal Education Conference, Bond University, Gold Coast, October 2020).
  • Jack Burke, “Publishing in PLT. The Value in Creating a PLT Journal and Tips Toward Getting Published In It”(APLEC Conference, Adelaide November 2019).
  • Jack Burke and Hanif Mughal, “Comprehensive and Challenging: Trial Advocacy at CityU Sunshine or Storm Clouds on the Horizon in Practical Legal Training” (APLEC Conference, Hong Kong, December 2018).
  • Jack Burke, “Scholarship in Practical Legal Training; The Final Empirical Frontier?” (Directions in Legal Education Conference, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, June 2018)
  • Jack Burke and Hugh Zillmann, Plenary Speakers, “Different Ideas. Different Directions” (APLEC Conference, Melbourne, November 2017).
  • Jack Burke and Hugh Zillmann, "Fuzzy Thinking and Uncertain Outcomes. The State of Play Concerning Practical Legal Training in England and Wales and Hong Kong" (APLEC Conference, Brisbane, November 2016).
  • Christoph Hafner, Katherine Lynch, Anne Scully-Hill, Jack Burke and Rajesh Sharma, "An Interdisciplinary Project to Develop a Digital Multimedia Resource to Meet Law Students’ Legal English Needs: Findings, Progress and Resources" (Directions in Legal Education Conference, Chinese University of Hong Kong, June 2016).
  • Jack Burke, "Five Minutes to Midnight. Recent, Dramatic Proposals to Practical Legal Training Programmes in Some Common Law Jurisdictions" (HKU-NUS-SMU Conference Programme, University of Hong Kong, February 2016).
  • Jack Burke, Plenary Speaker, "A Dickensian Throwback? The Efficacy of ‘Hand’s on’ Experience’ in Professional Legal Training" (APLEC Conference, College of Law, Perth, November 2015).
  • Jack Burke, "Methamphetamine Abuse in Hong Kong: A Swedish Perspective", (Stockholm Criminology Symposium, Stockholm, Sweden, June 2015).
  • Jack Burke, "Postcards from the Edge: Take 2. Current Developments in PLT in HK and Elsewhere" (APLEC Conference, Auckland, New Zealand, November 2014).
  • Jack Burke and Dr Mark Kielsgard, City University of Hong Kong, "The Impact of “Multiple-item feedback” on Advocacy Training in the PCLL” (Teaching Advocacy Skills Conference. Stetson University, Tampa Bay, Florida, May 2014).
  • Jack Burke, "Postcards from the Edge: Proposed DIY Devolutionary Changes to Practical Legal Training in Hong Kong" (APLEC Conference, Adelaide, November 2013).
  • Jack Burke, "Adding Value through IT in Advocacy Training – Not Just Bells and Whistles" Paper co-written with Irvin Kwong, (Teaching Advocacy Skills Conference, Stetson University, Tampa Bay, Florida, May 2013).
  • Jack Burke, "Subverting the Paradigm or Re-inventing the Wheel. Getting Back to the Basics in Teaching Advocacy" (APLEC Conference, Hobart, November 2012).
  • Co-author of a paper with Dr Mark Kielsgard which was presented by Dr Kielsgard, "A Dilemma Beyond the Wisdom of Solomon? Trying to Get the Mix Right between Rehabilitation of Offenders and the Protection of Children under the Sexual Offenders Records Scheme in Hong Kong" (The 9th ASEAN Conference, Singapore, May/June 2012).

  • Jack Burke,"Taking the High Road. Preaching to the Converted" (APLEC Conference, Sydney, November 2011).

Presentations at Exchange Seminars

  • Jack Burke, “Some Tips on Teaching Skills-based Courses Effectively” Beijing-HK "3+3" Academic Exchange Seminar - Legal Response to New Technologies – (Heilongjiang University, Harbin January 2019)

Participation in Expert Panels

  • Participant in an expert panel discussion, ‘The Global Legal Professional’, (Faculty of Law, Bond University Symposium, Gold Coast, October 2016).
  • Participant in an expert panel discussion, ‘Beyond 2020 Vision – Practical Skill Training into the Future’ (APLEC Conference, Perth, November 2015).

Teaching and Research Grants

  • Teaching Development and Language Enhancement Grant for Citizens and Criminal Justice entitled GE1214 Citizens and Criminal Justice Innovative Teaching Project (May 2020).
  • Appointed on 27 March 2017 as a co-investigator on a CityU Strategic Research Grant entitled ‘The Impact of "Multiple-feedback" Pedagogy on Skills Based Advocacy Training’.
  • Appointed circa September 2015 as additional Co-Investigator (Co-I) for the ‘Digital Multimedia Resources for Legal English: An Interdisciplinary Project’ (CityU; #6361002).
  • Awarded 5 CityU Teaching and Development Grant Applications concerning:
    • Production of a DVD on Examination in chief and Cross-examination in a Criminal Matter
    • Production of a DVD on Interviewing and Advising
    • Production of a DVD on a Bail Application
    • Application of Computer Software to Advocacy teaching
    • Trial advocacy & Criminal Justice

DVDs Produced

  • Co-producer with the CityU School of Creative Media of a promotional video for the CityU PCLL
  • Co-producer of 9 instructional DVDs, primarily in Advocacy, including 7 co-produced with the CityU School of Creative Media, for the CityU SLW
  • Training video on Advocacy at College of Law
  • Training video on Family Law at College of Law

CityU and SLW Committees and Positions

  • Associate Program Leader for the PCLL (1 July 2008 – 30 June 2015)
  • Acting Program Leader for the PCLL as needed (1 July 2008 – 30 June 2015)
  • Discovery Enriched Curriculum Task Force 2012
  • Member of CityU Teaching and Development Grants Committee
  • Honorary Manager Mens’ and Womens’ Rugby Team of CityU
  • PCLL Academic Committee
  • PCLL Academic Board
  • Bloomsbury Prize Committee
  • E-learning Associate Co-coordinator for E-learning for the School of Law
  • Representative of CityU PCLL at APLEC Heads of Conference meetings between 2014 - 2017
  • Central Pool member of the Academic Conduct Committee.
  • Member of Grievance Review Panel
  • Working Group, “Extra-Curricular Achievements Awards”
  • “30th Anniversary of SLW” Committee

Outside Committees and Responsibilities

  • Member of the Executive Committee of the APLEC Council, November 2015 to date
  • Non-executive Director of the Monte Jade Science and Technology Association of Hong Kong, 2014 to date
  • Convener of the Overseas Lawyers Qualification Board of Hong Kong 2008 to 2009
  • Member of the Overseas Lawyers Qualification Examination Panel 2007 to 2008
  • Marketing of the PCLL in Australia from around 2007 to date
  • Member of the Law Society Ethics Committee from January 1999 to December 2001