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Professor Julien Chaisse Quoted in the Bulletin of the Saint-Pierre Center for International Security Bulletin on how RCEP will facilitate regional integration among its members, especially by strengthening the region’s manufacturing supply chains


Professor Julien Chaisse, an associate member of CCCL, explains that the approval of a negative list in the services chapter, as well as other measures in level of regional trade and investment liberalisation, which includes trade in goods, service trade, intellectual property and so on, is encouraging. However, given the history of ASEAN trade in services, it remains to be seen if the RCEP's built-in possibilities for additional liberalisation will really lead to successful services liberalisation.
Read the full article here: Haiying Song, Chinese Views of Non-traditional Security-- RCEP Helps to Accelerate Regional Economic Integration, Saint-Pierre Center for International Security Bulletin, March 20, 2022 <  >.