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Professor Wang Jiangyu spoke at the regional panel of the 2021 Annual Meeting of American Society of International Law


CCCL Director Professor Wang Jiangyu was invited to give a speech at a preview panel discussion on “Reconceiving America’s Global Role in the Biden Era: International Perspectives in Asia” organized by the American Society of International Law (ASIL) and the Asian Society of International Law (AsisSIL) on 18 March 2021, before the ASIL’s 2021 Annual Meeting, which is one of the largest conferences of international lawyers in North America and the world. In advance of the 2021 Meeting, the ASIL invited international law scholars and practitioners in each region to participate in a series of special “preview” sessions to discuss issues relating to the region. The Asian session, which Professor Wang served as a panellist, aimed to discuss critical areas of engagement between the US and Asia on their various interests and how the incoming Biden administration’s policies and interpretations of international law would affect US relations with countries in Asia. Professor Wang spoke on US-China trade relations and discussed the factors affecting Biden’s trade policies towards China as well as the implications on international trade and economic law. The video for the session can be found at <>.