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Professor Wang Jiangyu Quoted in Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao on the Role of the National Security Office under the National Security Law for Hong Kong


Professor Wang Jiangyu, Director of RCCL, commented on the appointment of the first Director of the Office for Safeguarding National Security under the National Security Law for Hong Kong. On 3 July, China’s Central Government appointed Zheng Yanxiong as the first head of the power security agency being established in Hong Kong. Wang observed that Zheng’s many years’ experience as a local official in Guangdong, coupled with his background of serving in the publicity/propaganda department of the Chinese Communist Party, may indicate that the role of the security office at this stage is probably more leaned towards softly communicating with Hong Kong society to promote the acceptance of the National Security Law. Read the full article here: 陳婧,“港國安相關機構負責官員悉數就位”,《聯合早報》,4 July 2020 <>.