CityU's PCLL

Why choose the CityU PCLL

• CityU Law School is a vibrant institution at the cutting edge of legal education.
• We train our students to be excellent trainee solicitors and pupil barristers.
• Our diverse and well-credentialed faculty members bring experience and skill sets from various parts of the world.
• The PCLL produces 'tomorrow's lawyers' who are well-rounded and client-centred individuals with a superior knowledge of the law combined with exceptional problem-solving, advocacy and drafting skills.
• We teach much of the PCLL in small groups. This is the optimal method to learn the practice of the law.
• Our PCLL programme is highly regarded by the legal profession in Hong Kong.


What you will achieve

The PCLL programme prepares you to:

1. Enter the legal profession as a trainee solicitor or as a pupil barrister;
2. Understand and fulfill your professional responsibilities;
3. Undertake a basic range of legal services commonly undertaken by trainee solicitors and pupil barristers or in the very early years of practice; and
4. Manage your work effectively.

Upon successful completion of the PCLL programme, you should be able to:

1. Communicate at an advanced level, both verbally and in writing;
2. Obtain and act upon clients’ instructions and provide practical solutions for clients’ objectives and problems;
3. Organize and manage your work appropriately, and to meet deadlines;
4. Research and learn independently;
5. Demonstrate strategic and critical thinking in your professional work; and
6. Identify professional ethical issues which may arise in practice and deal with them professionally.


Qualification to Practice

Students who have completed the PCLL programme are required to complete 2 years of employment as a trainee solicitor or 12 months of pupillage as a pupil barrister in order to be eligible for admission to practice in Hong Kong as a solicitor or barrister respectively.