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Key Dates

Semester B 2022/23
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from 16 May 2023

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Quick Guide

  Want to? Where?
1. Check course grades AIMS > Student Record > My Academic Record > Grade Display
2. Check academic standing AIMS > Student Record > My Academic Record > Academic Standing Report
3. Find the name of Academic Advisor assigned by home academic unit AIMS > Student Record > My Advisor / Mentor and My Mentees
4. Report illness or other circumstances affecting assessment AIMS > Student Record > My Applications (for Undergraduate and Taught Postgraduate Programmes) > Mitigation Request Related to Assessment
5. Review course grade informally Contact Course Leader within 5 working days of the announcement of grades [Details]
6. Review Dean's decision on academic standing or awards informally Contact Programme Leader within 5 working days of the publication of the Dean's decision [Details]