Career Profiles of Recent SEEM Graduates

Our SEEM graduates are employed in a wide range of posts, such as in engineering (e.g. assistant engineers, quality assurance engineers), in planning (e.g. materials procurement, financial planning and analytics), and in management traineeship (e.g. management trainees, business associates, business operation trainees). They are actively engaged in improving operations in various enterprises.

Wong Chan Kong, Chris
Wong Chan Kong, Chris (2011)
Senior Engineer, Town Gas

Yau Chun Yan, Jenny
Yau Chun Yan, Jenny (2016)
Engineer, Town Gas

Tang Ho Yi, Horace
Tang Ho Yi, Horace (2014)
Advisor, Data Science, Dell

Lam Ho Sang, Patrick
Lam Ho Sang, Patrick (2015)
Consultant of Smart Manufacturing, Hong Kong Productivity Council

MAK Chun Wai, Michael
MAK Chun Wai, Michael (2017)
Assistant Manager (Industrial Engineering),Crystal International Group (Vietnam)

Yu Lai Po, Aster
Yu Lai Po, Aster (2019)
Technical Associate (IE), Crystal International Group Ltd (Vietnam)

Chun Ka Po, Fiona
Chun Ka Po, Fiona (2014)
Senior Quality Assurance Engineer, Hip Hing Construction Company Ltd.

Ho Hoi Ning
Ho Hoi Ning (2012)
Quality Assurance Engineer I, MTR

Wong Kam Kuen, Theo
Wong Kam Kuen, Theo (2016)
Quality Assurance Engineer II, MTR

Chan Kei Hin, Decky
Chan Kei Hin, Decky (2010)
Regional Seafreight Process & System Manager, Kuehne & Nagel Ltd.

Lo Chiu Tak
Lo Chiu Tak (2015)
Assistant Engineer, The Garden Co. Ltd.

Wong Cheuk Him
Wong Cheuk Him (2016)
Assistant Quantity Surveyor, Far East Aluminum Works Company Ltd.

Siu Pui Fung
Siu Pui Fung (2010)
Quality Manager, Hitachi Elevator Engineering Company (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Cheung Wai Yin
Cheung Wai Yin (2018)
Project Officer, HKPC

SIU Man Kei, Mandy
SIU Man Kei, Mandy (2015)
Safety Officer, Labour Department of HK Government

Lo Kai Ching
Lo Kai Ching (2016)
Quality Engineer, OBI Group Sourcing Hong Kong Ltd.

Lam Fong Wai
Lam Fong Wai (2016)
Quality Assurance Officer, PCCW

Lai Wan Yun, Ring
Lai Wan Yun, Ring (2018)
Senior Consultant, Finance Consulting, KPMG

Tsui Yee Wa, Eva
Tsui Yee Wa, Eva (2016)
Senior Consultant in Advisory, KPMG

Ng Kai Man, Kelvin
Ng Kai Man, Kelvin (2015)
Quality Engineer, Avnet

LEUNG Sze Wing, Jessie
LEUNG Sze Wing, Jessie (2015)
Merchandiser, Hallmark

Tang Sin Yee
Tang Sin Yee (2020)
Assistant Engineer, Quality Assurance, HITACHI

Eric Chen
Eric Chen
Founder and Director, Vitargent (International) Biotechnology Limited

Dr. Kwong, Kar Fai
Dr. Kwong, Kar Fai
Senior Manager, Industrial Engineering, PuraPharm International (H.K.) Ltd.

HO See Wing
HO See Wing (2018)
Risk Advisory Associate, Ernst and Young Ltd.

Last modified on 23 October, 2020