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Dr. Sherman S.C. NGAN

BSc(California), MSc(Minnesota), PhD(Minnesota)


Contact Information

Office: YEUNG-Y6616
Phone: +(852)-3442-8400
Email: scngan@cityu.edu.hk

Research Interests

  • Activation detection of event-related fMRI data
  • Connectivity analysis, cluster analysis and denoising of fMRI data
  • Computational analysis of biomedical data in general

Recent Publications

  1. Ngan S-C, LaConte SM, Hu X, Temporal filtering of event-related fMRI data using cross-validation, NeuroImage 11: 797-804 (2000).
  2. LaConte SM, Ngan S-C, Hu X, Wavelet transform based Wiener filtering of event-related fMRI data, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 44: 746-757 (2000).
  3. Sole AF, Ngan S-C, Sapiro G, Hu X, Lopez A, Anisotropic 2D and 3D averaging of fMRI signals, IEEE Trans. Med. Imag., 20: 86-93 (2001).
  4. Auffermann WF, Ngan S-C, Sarkar S, Yacoub E, Hu X, Non-additive two-way ANOVA for event-related fMRI data analysis, NeuroImage 14: 406-416 (2001).
  5. Ngan S-C, Auffermann WF, Sarkar S, Hu X, Activation detection in event-related fMRI data based on spatio-temporal properties, Magnetic Resonance Imaging 19: 1149-1158 (2001).
  6. Ngan S-C, Yacoub ES, Auffermann WF, Hu X, Node merging in self-organizing mapping of fMRI data, Artificial Intelligence in Medicine 25:19-33 (2002).
  7. Duong TQ, Ngan S-C, Ugurbil K, Kim S-G, Functional magnetic resonance imaging of the retina, Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 43: 1176-1181 (2002).
  8. LaConte SM, Peltier S, Kadah Y, Ngan S-C, Deshpande G, Hu X, Detecting nonlinear dynamics of functional connectivity, Proc. SPIE Medical Imaging, San Diego, Volume 5369, pp. 227-237 (2004).
  9. Hung L-H, Ngan S-C, Liu T, Samudrala R, PROTINFO: New modules for enhanced protein structure and function prediction, Nucleic Acids Res 33: W77-W80 (2005).
  10. Ngan S-C, Inouye MT, Samudrala R, A knowledge-based scoring function based on residue triplets for ab initio protein structure prediction. Protein Eng. Des. Sel. 19: 187-193 (2006).
  11. Hung L-H, Ngan S-C, Samudrala R. De novo protein structure prediction. In Xu Y, Xu D, Liang J, editors. Computational Methods for Protein Structure Prediction and Modeling 2: 43-64 (2007).
  12. Ngan S-C, Hung L-H, Liu T, Samudrala R. Scoring functions for de novo protein structure prediction revisited. Methods in Molecular Biology 413: 243-282 (2007).
  13. Ngan S-C, Hu, X, Tan, L-H, Khong, P-L, Improvement of spectral-density based activation detection of event-related fMRI data (in revision).
  14. Ngan S-C, LaConte S, Hu, X., Tan, L-H, Khong, P-L, Enhancing the activation detection of event-related fMRI data through wavelet shrinkage and figures of merit (submitted).

Last modified on 12 November, 2020