Research Projects

List of on-going research projects

Grant Type Project Title Principal Investigator
1 Theme-based Research Scheme (TBRS) Safety, Reliability, and Disruption Management of High Speed Rail and Metro Systems Prof. TSUI Kwok-leung
2 Collaborative Research Fund (CRF) Syndromic Surveillance and Modeling for Infectious Diseases Prof. TSUI Kwok-leung
3 General Research Fund (GRF) Advanced Problems in Inventory Theory Prof. Alain BENSOUSSAN
4 General Research Fund (GRF) Mean Field Theory, Stochastic Control and Systems of Partial Differential Equations Prof. Alain BENSOUSSAN
5 General Research Fund (GRF) Mathematical Methods in Reliability: Diagnostics, Maintenance, and Survivability Prof. Nozer Darabsha SINGPURWALLA
6 General Research Fund (GRF) An Interior-point Path-following Approach to the Determination of Perfect Equilibrium for a Finite n-Person Game in Normal Form Prof. DANG Chuangyin
7 General Research Fund (GRF) A Numerically More Stable Proper Refinement of Nash Equilibrium and Its Smooth Path-Following Determination Prof. DANG Chuangyin
8 General Research Fund (GRF) An Interior-Point Path-Following Method for Computing Perfect Stationary Points of Polynomial Mappings on Polytopes and its Applications Prof. DANG Chuangyin
9 General Research Fund (GRF) Space/time Separation based Process Design for Distributed Cure Control Prof. LI Han-xiong
10 General Research Fund (GRF) Multi-scale Design and Control of Precise Jet Dispensing for Manufacturing Prof. LI Han-xiong
11 General Research Fund (GRF) Multi-scale Spatiotemporal Modeling and Intelligent Control for BMS Prof. LI Han-xiong
12 General Research Fund (GRF) Development of an Integrated Evidential Reasoning Approach Using Both Belief and Disbelief Structures with Validation in Multicriteria Assessment of Organizational Innovation Management Dr. CHIN Kwai-sang
13 General Research Fund (GRF) The Design of an Enhanced Magnetostrictive Sensor and an Advanced Signal Processing Method for Detecting Corrosion in Through-wall Gas Pipe Risers Dr. TSE Wai-tat Peter
14 General Research Fund (GRF) A Novel Prognostic System for Predicting the Remaining Useful Life of Slurry Pumps that Exhibit High Fluctuation in Monitored Operating Signals Dr. TSE Wai-tat Peter
15 General Research Fund (GRF) Reliability Analysis and Maintenance of Multi-state Repairable Systems Dr. YAM Ching-man Richard
16 Early Career Scheme (ECS) Integrated Modeling for Remaining Useful Life Prediction and System Health Management Dr. ZHOU Qiang
17 Early Career Scheme (ECS) Stochastic Polynomial Interpolation for Uncertainty Quantification with Computer Experiments Dr. TAN Hwai Yong Matthias
18 Early Career Scheme (ECS) Scheduling Power Production of Hybrid Power Systems with Data Mining and Computational Intelligence Dr. ZHANG Zijun
19 Early Career Scheme (ECS) Statistical Quality Control for Spatial Point Data Dr. ZHOU, Qiang
20 Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF) Innovative Guided-Wave Sensor and System for Inspecting the Integrity and Corrosion Extent of Buried or Covered Pipes Dr. TSE Wai-tat Peter
21 National Natural Science Foundation of China Research Grants (NSFC) Research for Systems Informatics Engineering Prof. TSUI Kwok-leung
22 National Natural Science Foundation of China Research Grants (NSFC) The Research of Adaptive TBE Control Charts for Monitoring Processes with Multiple Characteristics Prof. XIE Min
23 National Natural Science Foundation of China Research Grants (NSFC) Market structure and market strategies of effective remanufacturing systems and its integrated management Dr. CHIN Kwai-sang
24 National Natural Science Foundation of China Research Grants (NSFC) Analysis, Modeling, and Design of Crowdsourcing Systems for Mental Health Dr. ZHANG Qingpeng
25 National Natural Science Foundation of China Research Grants (NSFC) Experimental Designs for Computer Models with Complex Characteristics Dr. ZHOU Qiang
26 Guangdong Provincial Natural Science Foundation 大數據環境下網絡群體運動的語義特徵分析與建模 Dr. ZHANG Qingpeng
27 Environment and Conservation Fund Regulatory and Financial Technologies to Increase Incentives for Energy Efficiency Investments Prof. TSUI Kwok-leung
28 France/HK Joint Research Scheme Forecasting Renewable Energy Production Prof. TSUI Kwok-leung
29 France/HK Joint Research Scheme Robust Scheduling of Wind Farm Power Generation Considering System Reliability Dr. ZHANG Zijun
30 Germany/HK Joint Research Scheme Research on Advanced Control Charts and Applications Prof. XIE Min
31 Contract Research NICOP - Underpinnings of Quantum Computing and Optimization of Battery Lifetimes
(Funding source: Office of Naval Research Global (ONR Global))
Prof. Nozer Darabsha SINGPURWALLA
32 Contract Research Development of Bi-level Weibull Model for Two-level Failure Data
(Funding source: The Boeing Company)
Prof. XIE Min
33 Contract Research Development of Statistical Methods
(Funding source: The Boeing Company)
Prof. XIE Min
34 Contract Research Development of a Framework for Reliability Modelling/Simulation of Human-machine Systems
(Funding source: Beijing Kenway Technologies Co.,Ltd.)
Prof. XIE Min
35 Contract Research Provision of Study on Risk Taking Behaviour of Hong Kong Construction Workers
(Funding source: Development Bureau, HKSAR Government)
Dr. CHAN Hoi-shou Alan
36 Contract Research Development of an Advanced Decision Making Approach for Modelling Hybrid Probabilistic Uncertainties in Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis
(Funding source: Wuhan University of Technology)
Dr. CHIN Kwai-sang
37 Contract Research A Tailor-made Prognostic System for Slurry Pumps by Comparing the Effectiveness of Several Popular Prognostic Methods
(Funding source: Syncrude Canada Ltd.)
Dr. TSE Wai-tat Peter
38 Donations for Research Projects Learning Organization (LO) and Organizational Learning (OL)
(Funding source: SAE Magnetics (HK) Ltd)
Dr. CHUAH Kong-bieng
39 Donations for Research Projects Development of Optical Nondestructive Testing and Quality Inspection Technology
(Funding source: The Croucher Foundation)
Dr. TSE Wai-tat Peter

Last modified on 4 February, 2016