Minor in Engineering Management


Engineering Management (EM) is becoming an important competitive edge for university students' personal and career development. Hong Kong industries is undergoing rapid structural changes with continued shifts in local economic and resource needs from traditional manufacturing to manufacturing support and engineering service oriented operations. EM Minor is developed to support the students to serve the manufacturing / engineering services operations in production planning and control, logistics management, quality management, maintenance planning, productivity improvement, operations management, etc.

Aim and Intended Learning Objectives (ILOs)

EM Minor aims to provide training of operational leadership for shop floor and higher level manufacturing/engineering services processes. On completion of the EM Minor, students should be able to:

  • understand technology related manufacturing/engineering services operation processes, including the planning, design and development, control, and productivity improvement;
  • identify and tackle diverse problems in Engineering Management; and
  • apply the concepts, techniques, and modeling related to Engineering Management in managing manufacturing and engineering services operations.

(Please refer to the Undergraduate Catalogue for the course syllabuses.)

1. Core Courses (9 credit units)

Course Code Course Title Credits
GE2319 or
GE2336 or
Industrial Engineering and Management of Modern Enterprises or
Understanding Phenomena Around Us: An Introduction to Systems Thinking or
Smart City - a System Engineering Perspective
SEEM4024 Project Management 3
SEEM4043 Global Operations Management 3

2. Electives (6 credit units)
Any 2 courses from the following electives.

Course Code Course Title Credits
SEEM3020 Engineering Economic Analysis 3
SEEM3027 Logistics and Materials Management 3
SEEM4023 Occupational Health & Safety Management 3
SEEM4025 Quality Systems and Management 3
SEEM4051 Facilities and Distribution Management 3
SEEM4106 Operations Management of Production and Service Systems 3

Note: This minor cannot be taken by students of BEng in Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management and BEng in Systems Engineering and Engineering Management.


Students are required to submit their declaration of minor request through AIMS under Course Registration. Information on the key dates, process and steps for the Declaration of Minors are available in the website of the Academic Regulations and Records Office.

Last modified on 11 September, 2019