Bachelor of Engineering in
Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering (BENG ITME)
工學士 (智能製造工程學)

JUPAS code: JS1216
(The offering of the programme is subject to the University approval)


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The Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management (SEEM) offers a single major, the BEng in Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering. This major emphasizes the integration of intelligent manufacturing systems, modeling and optimization, artificial intelligence, industrial big data, industrial Internet of Things, automation and robotics, management analytics and advanced manufacturing technologies. This multi-disciplinary programme aims to produce graduates who are capable of using cutting-edge engineering knowledge, computational, experimental and analytical techniques to plan, design, implement and improve technology-based manufacturing and operations systems.

What You Will Be Studying

The curriculum provides the students with systematic training in systems engineering, with a focus on intelligent manufacturing. Specifically, the GE and College required courses equip students with the necessary background in English, basic science and computer programming. The major core courses are divided into three blocks, namely, the Core Technology block, Integration Block and Application Block. The Core Technology Block includes the scientific principles, knowledge and application in disciplines of industrial systems engineering, electronics and semiconductor, and advanced manufacturing technologies. The Integration Block emphasizes the integration of cutting-edge knowledge and up-to-date applications, particularly in data analytics, intelligent manufacturing systems and Industry 4.0. The Application Block provides practice opportunities and industrial experience to the students with the Engineering Workshop, Final-year project, Industrial attachment and Internship. The major electives offer an opportunity for students to broaden or deepen their knowledge in different disciplines of electronics, manufacturing technology, and industrial systems engineering.

Source: Hong Kong Productivity Council

Source: Systems Engineering and Engineering Management

Our Target

The major aims to nurture students' cutting-edge engineering knowledge, computational, experimental and analytical techniques to plan, design, implement and improve technology-based manufacturing and operations systems. It emphasizes the technological, analytical and managerial skills of integrating different technologies in intelligent manufacturing systems.

BEng in Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering students are trained to become analytical and versatile engineering graduates with the right skill-sets to adapt to the rapid technological advancements in the world of modern enterprises, intelligent production, and boundary-less information flow and integration.

BEng in Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering graduates

  • have a good understanding of today’s science, engineering and technology;
  • are knowledgeable about the high-end technology and managerial skills of manufacturing system fitting the Industry 4.0;
  • use systems concepts and tools to analyse processes and operational problems in enterprises, and to improve processes, operations and qualities in enterprises; and
  • are equipped with analytic and quantitative skill sets to grapple with real-world problems that are associated with massive amounts of data and information in enterprises.

Career Placements

Our graduates have a board range of career opportunities in industrial, services oriented and business enterprises. There is a strong demand for intelligent manufacturing related posts in the industry.

Typical starting positions:

  • Industrial Engineer
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Entrepreneur / Consultant
  • Project Engineer
  • Production / Operations Engineer
  • Quality Assurance / Quality Control Engineers
  • Reliability / Testing Engineer
  • ISO9000 / ISO14000 Controllers / Auditors
  • Logistics / Systems Engineer
  • Supply Chain / Materials / Procurement Engineer
  • Facilities and Distribution Engineer
  • Management Trainees / Graduate Trainees / Business Analyst Trainee

Professional Recognition

This major is designed to meet the accreditation requirement of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE). Accreditation from HKIE will be sought.

Last modified on 27 October, 2020