IntraMEL is a WWW Information System to provide numerous on-line information for the registered laboratory users and students who are working or studying in the SEEM Laboratories. These information include laboratory schedule, laboratory handouts (lab sheets), availability of technical staff, opening hours of lab areas, laboratory safety guide, electronic forms, and so forth.

Access IntraMEL

The IntraMEL is differentiated into several categories to support following major functionalities:

  1. Lab Timetable and Labsheet searching, browsing and download. For the convenience of students to search lab schedules and the labsheets related to the courses they ae undertaking , information are recorded on semester and weekly basis in the form of timetable. Students can easily view the content online or download the labsheets before attending the lab class.

  2. Technical staff information and timetable. This function is primarily helpful for students to (i) know who is responsible for the experiments that they will undertake. (ii) know the specialties and availability timeslot of the laboratory technical staff whom they want to discuss with. (iii) Final Year Project (FYP) students can also find the weekday evening and Saturday lab opening schedule, so that they can better plan their FYP works with lab technical staff at the lab area exactly.

  3. User Guides, Videos and Forms. IntraMEL uploads the administrative guides and forms for students to use. It includes consumable control system user guide, FYP support guide, safety videos, and so forth.

  4. The Lab Safety Orientation Program. This acts as an information portal for all new students attending SEEM in-house safety briefing session. It includes some in-house developed safety videos, laboratories safety regulations & guidelines and a safety assessment test. All new students of the SEEM Department must attend and get a pass of this on-line safety orientation programme within the first 2 weeks of the academic year before they are allowed to work in the laboratory.

Last modified on 27 April, 2015