Partner Institutions

Institutional Level
The University has established exchange partnerships with institutions in more than 40 countries/regions, please visit Global Engagement Office (GEO)'s website for the full list:

At the institutional level, exchange places reserved for School of Energy and Environment (SEE) for 2020/21 are listed on GEO website: (student login needed). Please check this website for the most up-to-date information, including but not limited to number of reserved places for each semester, minimum English requirement and other requirements, if any. It is your responsibility to study the information carefully and be aware of the requirements before you apply.

School Level
SEE has established partnership with overseas institutions as follows. Number of quota may be filled up and no longer be available in second round of application. Please refer to email announcement from SEE.

Region Country Partner Institution Quota
Asia South Korea Ewha Womans University 2
South Korea Hanyang University 4
Taiwan University System of Taiwan
(4 universities)
Australia- Pacific Australia University of South Australia 2
Europe France INSA Lyon 4
Germany University of Bremen 2
Germany Leibniz University of Hannover 2
Germany Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Müchen 2
Sweden Chalmers University of Technology 2
UK University of Exeter 2