City University of Hong Kong

The President's Awards

Congratulations to Dr. Patrick LEE and Dr. Zhi NING for winning The President's Awards!

To recognize the faculty members for their accomplishments in research and professional education that has enabled the University to make remarkable strides in the local and global recognition, The President’s Awards are given to the awardees after a vigorous nomination and selection exercise. The list of awardees of The President’s Awards was announced in mid-January 2016 performance and Dr. Patrick Lee and Dr. Zhi Ning, both Assistant Professors of the School of Energy and Environment, were listed among the 30 awardees, many of whom are Chair Professors/Professors in the University.

Dr Patrick Lee

Dr. Patrick Lee’s research revolves around the theme of microbiology with emphasis on the physiology, genome and ecology of microorganisms. With devoted efforts, research results from his group have gained a fundamental understanding on microorganisms so that the knowledge can be applied to solve energy, environmental and human health problems. For experimental and computational investigations, Dr. Lee’s group uses advanced high-throughput systems biology methods such as next-generation sequencing to facilitate discovery and his group also strives to translate the fundamental knowledge into practical solutions for various sectors and industries.

Dr. Zhi Ning

Dr. Zhi Ning’s research focuses on the urban air quality issues related to public health and built environment. In the past few years, he and his research team have invented and developed multiple new technologies to tackle air pollution with international awards, and received strong local and international recognition. He also led his team in research on fundamental sciences of air pollution to provide the interface with important environmental policy formulation and contributed to the initiatives for sustainable environment development.

Let’s whole-heartily congratulate Dr. Lee and Dr. Ning for their well-deserved honour again !