General Regulations

1. Designated Use of Sports Venue

The booked facilities will only be used for the designated function of the facilities, unless with prior approval of the PE Section, SDS. If any user wishes to use the facility for any other activity, the user should seek advice and agreement from the PE Section before making the booking. The PE Section will not permit such other use on the spot by the user if without prior agreement.

2. Dress

Users should be dressed in appropriate sports wear.

3. Equipment and Damage

Users will be held responsible for any wilful damage to the sports equipment. For reasons of safety, any such damage should be reported immediately to staff of the Physical Education Section.

4. Food and Drink

No food or drink except water is permitted inside the sports venues.

5. Lost and Found

5.1 Users should not leave valuables in the sports venues. The University will accept no responsibility for loss of personal property.
5.2Articles found in the sports venues will be kept at the Physical Education Section for three days. All unclaimed articles will then be sent to the Facilities Management Office (Security) for disposal.

6. Smoking

Smoking is not permitted within the sports venues.

7. Adverse Weather

The sports venues will be closed when black rain storm warning / typhoon signal no. 8 or above is hoisted. However, users will be advised to leave the sports venue when pre-no. 8 signal warning is issued.

8. Misconduct

In case of misconduct, or of any action inconsistent with the regulations governing the use of sports venues, or where the premises are being misused, the Physical Education staff have the authority to reject or debar the offender from the premises or from using the facilities for a designated period, or to refer him/her to the appropriate authority for disciplinary action, as appropriate.

9. No Unauthorized Private Coach

No unauthorized private coaching is permitted at any Sports Facilities.

10. Revision of Regulations

The University reserves the right to alter or amend any of these regulations as and when necessary.