Sports Facilities Booking & Information System (SFBI)

The objective of the SFBI is to provide better service and an easy means to book CityU & Joint Sports Centre sports facilities in advance through internet.

Accessing the SFBI

1. Connect to the Internet and open the CityU Homepage, select ePortal and login with your user account and password. Under "Facilities Booking" and select "Sports Facilities Booking & Information System", type in your email account and password to log into the system or
2.At the Express Terminal, select "Information Services" and under the "Resource Booking" click on the "Sports Facilities Booking & Information System"; or
Please be reminded that you must logon the system with your EID and password in the SFBI logon menu, and click the logon button.

Function on the SFBI Web Booking

1.Make New Booking :
You may reserve the sports facilities up to 7 days in advance via this function. All bookings should be confirmed and paid on or before the specified time as shown on the screen.
2.Enquire My Booking :
You may view a detailed summary of all your bookings via this function. You may also cancel or alter your booking via this function.
3.Cancel Booking :
You may cancel your unpaid booking(s) via this function.
4.Alter Booking :
Only those confirmed bookings, which are affected by adverse conditions, may be altered via this function. Please note that all bookings should be made within 21 days from the affected date, otherwise they would be automatically forfeited.
* For JSC Users, please click here for more details.

Eligible User

All CityU staff, students are eligible to make online booking.

Time of Service

The web booking function would be available from 08:00 - 23:59 (Mon. - Sun.) except public holidays.

Deadline for Payment

To confirm your booking(s), please bring your CityU I.D.card to either PE General Office or Physical Fitness Room during opening hours on or before the specified time shown on the system.

When Questions Arise

Please send email to or call 3442 8025 during office hours.
(Mon.-Fri. : 08:45 - 12:45; 14:00 - 17:30)