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Venue Quota for Student Organisations


1.      The purpose of the venue-booking quota is to maximise venue utilisation and facilitate fair and equitable use of university venues for student activities.


2.      Student organisations can book venues managed by the Facilities Management Office and the Student Development Services (SDS) via the Venue and Classroom Booking System.


3.      An annual booking quota of 1000 sessions (50 minutes basis starting on the hour) will be allocated to each student organisation during their term of office.


4.      Bookings cancelled via the Venue and Classroom Booking System will not be counted against the allocated quota.


5.      Student organisations will receive notification when bookings reach 80% of their allocated quota.


6.      Student societies will receive notification when attempting to book more than their allocated quota.


7.      Once the bookings have reached the quota, requests for additional quota will be considered if there are good reasons and the student organisation has behaved fairly in using the system.


7.1  Send request to SDS (email: sdssat@cityu.edu.hk) together with a brief description of upcoming activities that includes: proposed activities/ dates/estimated number of participants/number of venues required/ number of booking quotas requested; and justification.


7.2  Assessment Criteria

     a)      Concrete planning of activities with a clear plan for venue booking.

     b)      A fair amount of quota requisition in relation to your upcoming activities.

     c)      Whether the proposal of upcoming activities for the venue(s) requested is justifiable bearing in mind date, time and number of participants.

     d)     Whether your co-organisers of activities are groups or units in CityU, and whether they have enough quota for the activities for approval.

     e)      The rationale justifying additional quota.

     f)       The additional quota will be approved by the overall demand to ensure a fair distribution.

      7.3  Once the application is approved, the additional quota will be given by batch.

7.4  Application Form for Additional Quota


8.      The venue-booking quota is non-refundable, non-transferable, and cannot be carried forward.


June 2023