BOLD Forum

BOLD Forum is a series of powerful talks delivered by CityU notable professors. Each talk gives insights on an area, e.g., the development and an outlook of a discipline, sharing of great idea or personal experience, aiming to inspire the secondary school students in planning their pathways for their future.

Professor Way KUO Data-driven Management of Societal Health
Professor CHAN Chak-keung Sustainable Cities through Energy and Environmental Innovations
Professor Raymond CHAN At the Bottom of Everything
Professor CHENG Shuk Han Seeing Needs More than Believing
Professor Tei-wei KUO From Alan Turing’s Imitation Game to A Cyber-Physical World
Professor Julie LI Better Business, Better World
Professor Stella PANG Electrifying the Future – Every day, Everywhere
Professor S. Joe QIN Data Science Powers the Future
Professor Jeffrey SHAW Creativity Shapes the Future
Professor TAN Cheng-han, SC Law as a Social Construct
Professor Richard WALKER How Humanities and Social Sciences Tackle Unprecedented Disruption
Professor WANG Xunli Neutron Scattering – A Giant Microscope
Professor YAN Houmin A Learning Journey: from Mechanical tools to the Business of AI

BOLD Forum Trailers