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Practice Makes Perfect? A Machine's Perspective 從機器學習看「熟能生巧」

一切從「芯」開始 · 智能手機是如何運算的

The RNA World: Past, Present, and Future

Introduction to Gene Therapy 揭開基因治療的神秘面紗

The Illusion of Life: A Discovery of Animation

Invisible Armour: The Power of Sunscreen

Deep Learning

The Brave New World: Bioethics and the Myth of Perfection 勇敢的新世界:生命倫理學和完美的迷思

The Afterlife of Smartphones

Climate Change and Law

May the Force be with You: The War Against Antibiotic Resistance 願原力與你同在:對抗生素耐藥性的戰鬥

Translation in Practice and Theory

Live and Die, Advance or Retreat: the Playbook for Cells to Enact During Embryonic Development and Organ Regeneration 生死進退:發育和再生的劇本演譯