CityU-Learning Summer Classroom for Secondary School Students 2021

The Psychology in Business and Daily Life 商業與日常生活中的心理學

The Chemicals We are Discharging into the Ecosystem

The Exotic Quantum World - An Introduction to Quantum Computing

Introduction to Forensic Science

Conscious Consumerism and the Environment

Big Data for Business

Stacking Blocks into a Building: An Innovation in Construction

Death Investigation

What It Takes to be a Cancer Cell: Unwire the Malignant Traits

Point of Care Devices for Personalised Treatment

‘Equity’ in Contract Law: Beyond What You Think It Means

Tactical Exercise: A Game on Teamwork

Forensic Toxicology and Dangerous Drugs

Artificial Intelligence for Business

Solar Energy: An Infinite Source of Clean Energy 永恆陽光, 能量無限

The RNA World: Past, Present, and Future

The Afterlife of Smartphones

Chemistry and High-energy Chemicals

Technology and Relational Communication

Laboratory Sessions: The “Blue Bottle” Experiment – a Redox Experiment Using Sugar

Laboratory Sessions: Evaluation of Antioxidative Capacity of Food Substances with Glowsticks

Laboratory Sessions: Separation of Dyes in Candies by Paper Chromatography