What is BOLD Buddy?

Along the mission of BOLD@CityU to raise secondary school students’ aspirations in planning their pathways for the future, CityU sets up a BOLD Buddy Scheme to help secondary school students to gain knowledge and insights in university education from another perspective, i.e., CityU students as their buddies. In particular, the Scheme aims to

  1. build rapport and connections between CityU and secondary school students;
  2. provide meaningful social and academic learning experiences for both CityU and secondary school students;
  3. give CityU students leadership opportunities, in which they can be role models for the secondary school students;
  4. give secondary school students opportunity to have more all-rounded understanding of university life and education; and
  5. foster connections between the University and secondary schools.

How does the BOLD Buddy work?

The BOLD Buddy will develop a mentor-mentee relationship between CityU student and secondary school student. The pair-up Buddy team is expected to

CityU will work with the secondary school students and CityU students on the paring up process, based on their areas of study and interests.

Preliminary BOLD Buddy Programme Schedule

Target Groups

  • Secondary school students: F.3 to F.5 students in local secondary schools (or equivalent year of study in international schools), with the recommendation of the student’s school.
  • CityU students: Year 1 to Year 3 undergraduate students from any disciplines.
As a Secondary School Student (a mentee)

BOLD Buddy will give secondary school students the opportunity to ask questions and get specific help from your CityU buddy. You may want to ask about your university application/interview, or how life at the university is like! You may also join competitions and activities together with CityU students and other secondary school students to learn new knowledge and widen your horizon.

As a CityU Student (a mentor)

BOLD Buddy will give CityU students the opportunity to mentor secondary school students through their university planning and application processes, and participation in joint events and competitions. This can be a highly rewarding experience, and can be used as evidence of leadership and positive attitude in your CVs. As CityU students have all been through the university application process, you are in the best position to give advice to the younger generation on these matters.

How to sign up?

  • Secondary school students: Please fill out and submit the form in accordance with the specified timeline. CityU will contact you as soon as possible with more information.
  • CityU students: Please contact the general office of your College/School.