College/School Academic Conduct Committee

1. Terms of Reference

To investigate, exercise summary jurisdiction and impose penalties in respect of violations of the University’s Rules on Academic Honesty by Students when such violations are referred to it by a head/dean of academic unit as appropriate.

2. Constitution

Chair An Associate Dean of the College/School appointed by the Dean
(a) Two faculty members within the College/School appointed by the Dean
(b) One member outside the College/School from the central pool of academic staff appointed by the Academic Conduct Committee
(c) One of the currently enrolled Students in the College/School Board appointed by the Dean
Secretary Administrative staff of the College/School office
(i) The term of office of the Chair and category (a) members are two years.
(ii) The categories (b) and (c) members are appointed on a case-by-case basis.
(iii) For serious academic dishonesty cases as determined by the Chair in consultation with the Associate Provost (Academic Affairs) for cases involving undergraduate Students, or the Dean of Graduate Studies for cases involving postgraduate Students, the Committee may, at its sole and absolute discretion, expand its membership to up to three members in category (b).