Academic Honesty and Intellectual Property

With the launch of the Discovery-enriched Curriculum (DEC), which emphasizes discovery and innovation at City University of Hong Kong, undergraduate students now have unprecedented opportunities to create new knowledge and come up with original creations, new inventions and discoveries. Such new creations or inventions or discoveries can be protected as different types of so-called "intellectual property" (IP). Click here to learn more about IP at CityU.

Just as you will want others to respect and acknowledge the IP that you create, it is equally important for you to respect and acknowledge the IP that others have created. Whenever you make use of the creations and ideas of others in your studies at CityU, you are expected to give them appropriate credit by following principles of academic honesty (AH). Click here for the University requirement on AH.

For a brief general introduction to AH and IP, check out the leaflet here.