Board of Undergraduate Studies

BUS Constitution

Chairman: Associate Provost (Academic Planning and Undergraduate Education)
Deputy Chairman: Elected by and from among members
Ex-officio Members (a) Vice-President (Student Affairs)
(b) Associate Provost (Quality Assurance)
(c) Director, Office of Education Development and Gateway Education
Members (a) Two members nominated from each College
(b) One member nominated from each School
(c) Three faculty members appointed by the Provost in consultation with the President
(d) Two members nominated by the Students' Union
In Attendance Director, Admissions Office
Director, Academic Regulations and Records Office
Director, Student Development Services
Chief Information Officer
Head, English Language Centre
Secretary: Appointed by the Chairman of the Board of Undergraduate Studies

The term of office of the nominated and appointed members shall be two years with a staggered arrangement. The term of office of student members shall be one year.