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Advance, and pursue our mission 

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome back and a very warm welcome to our colleagues who have just joined CityU, the home of international talents! 

CityU’s most important asset is our human capital. We hired many local and non-local faculty in the past years, underlining our continuous efforts to search for global talents. The Global Scholars Recruitment Campaign, launched 10 years ago, set out to hire new faculty members. The Office of the Provost intensified its efforts to rapidly process potential candidates to win the race for scholars. As of July 2021, we are well on schedule to meet our target.

In fact, UGC data confirms that over the past few years, we have recruited faculty members at all levels from around the world at an unprecedented scale, the largest since our foundation. As illustrated in the table below for example, our net increase in full-time academic staff in the past four years is significantly above that of our peers. 

CityU has been one of the most progressive universities in the world over the past decade. Our dynamism, energy and boldness in tackling difficult problems stand out among our many unique features. We are not bound by tradition and are receptive to new people and ideas, and to diversity. 

So if you left your previous university to join CityU, congratulations! The excellent quality of our faculty is recognised in global rankings and we offer an exciting international platform for colleagues to work together and succeed. 

Our commitment to faculty and staff advancement is stated in our 2020–2025 Strategic Plan: 

In order to continue our upward trajectory, it is of the utmost importance that we continue to attract talented people and motivate them to grow with us…. We must set priorities to recruit talented people with diverse backgrounds from around the world and support them to become stars in their field.

To continue our upward trajectory, and as part of our succession plan, among the 76 new faculty members who have just joined us, 53 are assistant professors. Dear budding scholars, although you may not yet have a significant record in research, you have been recruited because we see your potential. We are determined to cultivate and invest in that talent as we continue to strive for excellence. 

Let’s grow together!

Research and tuition
Savant and the inquisitive
Beneath a sky so bright and so vast
Advance, pursue our mission

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Way Kuo 
President and University Distinguished Professor

Full-time academic staff at UGC-funded universities

  2017/18 2018/19 2019/20 2020/21 Net change
CityU 721 749 797 784 +63
University 2 513 516 528 524 +11
University 3 1,009 999 1,018 1,014 +5
University 4 854 852 859 861 +7
University 5 141 138 137 128 -13
University 6 365 368 359 364 -1
University 7 314 305 290 289 -25
University 8 816 765 714 774 -42

(Source: UGC)

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