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CityU moves on! 

Dear Colleagues,

Our dedicated and high-calibre staff have helped CityU to respond to the pandemic with tremendous creativity. For the most part, we have maintained ongoing initiatives despite the unparalleled difficulties posed by the current public health threat. Thanks to our team spirit and adaptability, we have demonstrated once again our dynamism, energy and boldness in tackling problems when under pressure!

By pulling resources together rapidly, we prepared and rolled out CityU-Learning (See Video “Anti-epidemic and CityU-Learning”) at the end of January. When this real-time, online and campus-wide learning initiative went live on 7 February, we broke records. More than 2,000 students attended classes at the same time at each session on that day, making us the first government-funded university in Hong Kong, and maybe in the world, to have delivered online learning in real-time and on a campus-wide scale. Owing to the decisive action, our final-year students can graduate on time while other teaching and research activities can be planned accordingly.

A tremendous amount of resources, and the efforts of academic and academic-support units are ensuring that students can engage in vigorous learning activities to meet academic goals. While CityU-Learning has allowed learning to continue in general, the system is undergoing fine-tuning under the leadership of the Offices of Provost, Deans and Heads for the management of learning activities, including laboratory sessions, practicums and fieldwork, which cannot be readily delivered online. 

I have asked the Provost’s Office to study thoroughly all course grading and teaching assessment tasks, considering the various circumstances faced by faculty and students. Please communicate directly with the Provost for constructive suggestions.

The success of CityU-Learning has opened doors to new possibilities such as reaching out to secondary school students to offer them a taste of university learning during home learning. More than 100 students from 50 local schools participated in our first two CityU-Learning taster courses.

Also via video conference, we continue Council and Senate meetings, faculty searches, ERU meetings, budget hearing, and of course, the President’s Lecture Series: Excellence in Academia, and many other academic activities.

I would like to commend the collective effort of the “Exercise Is Medicine® on Campus” (EIM-OC) Task Force launched by Professor Horace Ip, Vice-President (Student Affairs). Their efforts led to a Gold Campus Award for 2020 under the EIM-OC programme initiated by the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Medical Association. This recognition comes as a reminder for the University community to keep exercising when possible and cultivate a healthy body and mind in this difficult period.

To conclude, I sincerely hope you and your family remain in good health and maintain proper social distancing to protect yourselves and others during this challenging time.

Way Kuo
President and University Distinguished Professor

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