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CityU Farm — CityU’s contribution to society

Dear Colleagues,

The official opening of CityU Farm on 16 November 2022 was a very proud moment in the history of the University, and probably in the history of Hong Kong, too. Located in Lam Tsuen, Tai Po, CityU Farm marks a milestone in the development of the One Health concept, which is premised on the co-existence and co-prosperity of humans, animals and the environment.

To Buddhists, humans, animals and nature are inseparable. Taoists also believe that humans exist in harmony with nature, believing that “all things and I are one”. Under the influence of Western industrialisation, One Health has been brushed aside even though the world is already seriously polluted and the Earth and all its creatures are suffering.  

I ushered in and put into practice the One Health concept when I took over the presidency at the University in 2008. We first opened the School of Energy and Environment and then the Jockey Club College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences. Together with Cornell University, we have launched the first 6-year Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine programme in Asia. We hired world-class faculty, selected superb students, and opened vet diagnostic labs and facilities. With CityU Farm now in operation, the ideal of the human-animal-environment trinity has taken a further step forward.

CityU Farm serves as a training ground for veterinary students in animal husbandry, farm management, and the clinical aspects of caring for dairy cows. The latest learning and research-based features at the Farm will maximise the welfare of the cattle, and there is no doubt that this unrivalled facility in Hong Kong is pioneering the critically important field of veterinary medicine and public health.

Another project embedded with our drive to serve society is the building of our student hostel at Whitehead, Ma On Shan. By adopting a high-productivity construction method, modular integrated construction (MiC), the new halls of residence are expected to be completed by the end of 2023, two years ahead of schedule. This level of speed and efficiency symbolises traits highly representative of the CityU character. We are always determined to use our resources and experiences to push ahead, venturing beyond boundaries, and make life better for all.

CityU will continue contributing to society and the academic community through our teaching, research and service.

Let’s act beyond boundaries! Happy holidays!

Way Kuo
President and University Distinguished Professor

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